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Vest player Alexander Egorycheva have sold by auction

It there was not a traditional meeting with spectators which are spent annually by the command, and something is faster like « a small party » where fans could look at video from games of the Cup of Russia and a World Cup, to listen to comments of the head coach and to ask the questions. Fans continually attacked questions, head coach Evgenie Erahtin hardly had time to reflect attacks.

-   In a World Cup you have lost to the command of Kazan which as a result has won this Cup. It really so is invincible?

- There are no invincible commands. It had one of the most easy groups, « the Dynamo - Kazan » and « Hammarbju » left without special problems in the ending as two commands were much more low level. Then, the schedule allowed the Kazan players to be restored and have a rest.

- What structure we will go on a final stage of the Cup of Russia to Kazan?

- the regulations on the championship are Now accepted: on each game it is possible to declare 16 field players plus two young, 1992 year of birth. And at us just children are not present this year, that is are available, of course, but to it while early in such matches to leave. Guys will simply break psychologically. Therefore, preparing for such championship, we will go in the truncated structure – these are those who went to Sweden.

- a leah Is replacement to the central defender Maxim Blemu? As soon as it delete, so in protection the fire, as in « begins in due time; to a Sibskana » without Vasily Donsky.

- - For some minutes, of course, is, but on a broader scale – no. Though Blem also says that is going to play till forty eight years, but nothing is eternal. Same hockey, traumas &hellip are possible; I hoped for Vitju Black, but he from - for frequent traumas which had not time to heal, has decided to take year of rest, we have not terminated with it the contract. The guy has arrived, I consider, fairly, have come itself and have told: « After operation in the spring I was not restored. What, if you will count on me, and I cannot play at the full capacity? » we to it have left the form, have told that can come, train at any time with the first league, further he will solve, a leah will finish it on a broader scale with this sport. Perhaps will pass in chess. In case of removal we a place of last defender we use Andrey Kovaleva, and on its place – Seregu Artemenko, here to you and throughout a subject.

- In what form goalkeeper Alexey Savelyev?

- In excellent. At us two good goalkeepers – Alexey Savelyev and Denis Rysev. For this boundary at me on a broader scale the soul is quiet.

- There is no possibility holidays all - taki to begin house games at o`clock in the afternoon how it became earlier?

- the All-Russia federation of bandy has disposed, that all matches were played during the period from 16 o`clock till 20 o`clock. We have sent the letter in FHMR with the request to allow to begin to us games in the days off at an o`clock.

It is necessary to play more rigidly!

the Form of the favourite of public was sold by auction for 3000 roubles
the Photo: Darya STREKALOVSKY

Having looked at fragments of games of a World Cup – cutting of goals and most critical moments, spectators have continued to attack the trainer questions. But to begin with Evgenie Vladimirovich has commented on command performance.

- Evgenie Vladimirovich, it is possible a question? Has looked at video, and it was not pleasant that at our players the ball does not stick to a stick, Swedes remove it easily. At them, it seemed to me, the ball keeps much better.

- - In - the first, this skill, and in - the second, at Swedes the ball differs from ours: it is less and more hard, it is valid as if « sticks » to a stick.

- Why our protection easy passes rivals to the goalkeeper? In the championship all commands meet the rival, is rigid except « Baikal - Energy ».  

- When we play rigidly, us start to delete, and when it is done by others – judges do not react more often. And not to leave, we instinctively avoid rigidity. On a broader scale our command plays more akademichnyj hockey, tries to select a ball purely. But same will not change on magic wand wave – time, and from tomorrow we will start to play rigidly! I do not demand rough game from our command. Yes, rigid, but – within rules.

- In game with « Kuzbas » our defender of Roofing felt of Pigeons has passed Pasha Ryazantsev attacking opponents with a ball to the collars. It was possible to fall down it, time a goal is inevitable.  

- I think, it has not made it not because the Pasha has regretted, and simply not could. Yes you try to fall down Pasha Ryazantsev, such huge! Look that it does with commands, and not just with ours. To fall down it not so - that is simple, here that with it to do?

- to invite in our team! - fans have not become puzzled.  


In meeting end has been arranged mini - auction. Actor Jacob Voronov, it – the commentator of hockey matches, has acted in a role of the leader. To begin with with « a hammer » (it the spoon has replaced) the vest Alexander Egorycheva &ndash has left; It have got for 3100 roubles, then - « clothes » Maxim Gavrilenko and Andrey Kovaleva. Disks with records of matches of a World Cup have left for 1500 roubles, and final record – for 1000 roubles.

Alexander Nasonov on auction did not expose the things, but to it have given the chance to hand over magazine with own interview to any pleasant fan. The choice has fallen on fan Alain. All obtained means will go on development of children`s hockey.