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Subscription to the Collection « Kitchens of nations of the world »

the Subscription to a collection Kitchens of nations of the world (with 1 on 30 volume) it is possible to issue in edition at the special price 3 029,62 rbl. and to receive as a gift a semi-annual subscription to weekly release of the newspaper ( the fatty ) .

Volumes   you can receive at us in edition. The newspaper will come by mail.

to Attention of our constant subscribers in Moscow and Moscow Region . Those who has already subscribed   on   the first or the second half of the year 2012 (on a weekly journal or the complete set), can subscribe to a collection with 1 on 30 volume at reduced price   2 609,62 rub, having shown the subscription coupon.

you can   to subscribe   only on collection continuation Kitchens of nations of the world (with 21 on 30 volume). Subscription cost - 900 roubles.  

it is possible to Subscribe to the address: Moscow, Old Petrovsko - Razumovsky journey, d. 1/ 23, p. 1.

Journey: the underground the Dynamo or the underground Savelovsky further a march. 384 or a bus 84   To a stop Factory the Pendant .

the Point is located on 2 floor   Shopping centre, nearby   with salon - shop the Pendant opposite to shop FIX PRICE .

the Schedule of work of point of a subscription (registration of a subscription and delivery of volumes):

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday with 10. 00 to 20. 00, Saturday with 10. 00 to 18. 00 (without a dinner)

Monday, Wednesday, Sunday - the day off.

the work Schedule on holidays

1, on May, 6,7,8,9th - the day off

on May, 2,3,4,5nd - with 10. 00 to 20. 00

Attention! Subscribe to a collection you can as well in our firm shops.

1.   address; shop: m. of Bibirevo, Altufevsky highway the house 70, a building 1 Trading - the Entertaining centre Markos Moll (1 floor).

a shop Operation mode: with 10. 00 to 22. 00 (without days off and a lunch break).

Phone for inquiries: 8 - 917 - 514 - 31 - 58

2. The address: the Sokolnichesky area, d. 9 - And, the Trading House Russian expanse 1 floor, peahens. 105

Journey: the underground Sokolniki     3 minutes on foot, near to shop Zenith .

the work Schedule:   with 10. 00 to 20. 00   (without days off and a lunch break)

3. The address: street Trade-union, d. 109, TTS Victoria

Journey: the underground Konkovo last car from the centre

to Attention of subscribers! If you   earlier have subscribed with reception of books in edition, but all volumes, the earnest entreaty till now have not received - to take away   the order !  

If you have no possibility to take away volume at us in edition and would like to receive them in your post office, it is necessary for you to pay services of mail in delivery.

you will receive the parcel post of times in a month (on   3 volumes in the parcel post).  

to Download the form   subscriptions to a collection   (with 1 on 20 volume)

to Download the form of a subscription to collection continuation (with 21 on 30 volume )

How correctly to fill the order form:

1. Unpack the form

2. Fill cells with your personal data: a surname, a name, a patronymic completely, contact   phone   (any: house, working, mobile). Write accurately, it is legible.

3. If you like   to subscribe for all collection, put a tick in a column cell I reserve all collection completely...

4. If you like to subscribe on   separate volumes, sdalejte a mark opposite to those numbers of volumes which you interest.

5. If you while do not have subscription to the newspaper,   make put a tick   in a column cell the Subscription to the newspaper .

6. To the column an order Total sum our manager will fill at registration of a subscription by you in our edition.

the Subscription to a collection Kitchens of nations of the world   it is possible to issue in 15 mail services of Moscow allocated branches   and agency shop AVANTA +   and also having paid it in Savings Bank branches, terminals of instant payment Eleksnet or a plastic bank card.  

you can receive the Additional information on an order and conditions of registration of a subscription by phone: (495 609 - 67 - 48 (Monday - Friday, with 10. 00 to 18. 00).