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Diabetes of the second type: check up itself on risk factors

On questions of readers « the doctor - endokrinolog the Minsk city polyclinic Ή27 Veronica DOVGALO has responded.

on November, 14th Day of a diabetes all over the world is celebrated - one more occasion to remind of what burning issue is this disease. 250 million persons in the world are ill a diabetes 2 - go type, annually it develops at 7 million persons. A diabetes name global epidemic as this chronic disease, which long time has not an effect, very quickly leads to heavy physical inability and even death. The diabetes amazes eyes, heart, kidneys, vessels of the bottom extremities. Thus one of disease principal causes is the way of life: first of all, excess weight, improper feeding, low physical activity, bad habits and stresses.

That else can provoke diabetes development? To check up itself on risks, doctors recommend to use so-called scale Findrisk for an estimation 10 - summer risk of development of a diabetes 2 - go type at adults.

Choose a variant of the answer and summarise points:

1. Age: till 45 years - 0 points, 45 - 54 years - 2 points, 55 - 64 years - 3 points, are more senior 64 years - 4 points.

2. An index of weight of a body (it pays off so: the weight of a body in kgs to divide into growth in the metres, squared: IMT = kg/ μ2): more low 25 - 0 points, 25 - 30 - 1 point, above 30 - 3 points.

3. The circle of a waist measured below edges (usually at navel level): it is less 80 sm at women and less than 94 sm at men - 0 points, 80 - 88 sm at women and 94 - 102 sm at men - 3 points, it is more 88 sm at women and more than 102 sm at men - 4 points.

4. A leah occupies usually your physical activity not less than 30 minutes in day? Yes - 0 points, are not present - 2 points.

5. How often you eat vegetables or fruit? Every day - 0 points, not every day - 1 point.

6. A leah you when - nibud regularly antigipertenzivnye (lowering arterial pressure) accepted means? Is not present - 0 points, yes - 2 points.

7. A leah it was found out in you when - nibud high sugar of blood (at medical examination, during illness, pregnancy)? Is not present - 0 points, yes - 5 points.

8. A leah the diagnosis a diabetes (1 - go or 2 - go type) to somebody from your relatives was made? Is not present - 0 points, yes (the grandfather/ the grandmother, the uncle/ the aunt, the cousin/ the sister or their child) - 3 points, yes (my parents, the brother/ the sister or my child) - 5 points.

Result - risk of development of a diabetes 2 - go type within 10 years:

Below 7 points: low - by calculations disease will develop in 1 of 100 cases.

7 - 12 points: slightly raised - disease will develop in 1 of 25 cases.

12 - 14 points: moderated - disease will develop in 1 of 10 cases.

15 - 20 points: high - disease will develop in 1 of 3 cases.

Above 20 points: very high - disease will develop in 1 of 2 cases.



Certainly, you cannot influence the age or presence of relatives with a diabetes in a family history, but all other risk factors of development of a diabetes 2 - go type can be reduced to a minimum. For example, the person with high risk of development of a diabetes can warn or delay the disease beginning, having dumped 5 - 7 % of the weight!

If you in a risk zone, try to adhere to following rules:

- supervise the weight;

- observe principles of a healthy food: Reduce the considerable quantity use legkousvojaemyh carbohydrates and fats in favour of vegetables, fruit, groats, bread of a rough grinding, low-fat dairy products, low-fat meat and fish;

- be physically active: at you should be at least 30 - minute pedestrian walk in good rate daily;

- try to give up smoking;

- limit alcohol intake;

- once a year do the test for blood sugar, and also in the presence of indications gljukozotolerantnyj the test (i.e. with loading glucose);

- supervise arterial pressure;

- learn to operate the emotional status: the depression, anger, mood differences, depression - all it too influences glucose level in blood. Master simple techniques of a relaxation (for example, respiratory), find a hobby which becomes a source of positive emotions;

- at the slightest suspicion on a diabetes be necessarily converted to the doctor - endokrinologu in polyclinic in a residence for additional inspections.