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Brainstorming session. Opinion on a cartoon film the Megabrain [it is offered   to discuss!]

the Citation: - I the genius!

- you underestimate yourselves!

In many wisdom it is a lot of grief. It is a lot of it, however, and in categorical dullness, but it already rhetoric. The tradition remains unshakable. The head filled by a brain, on - to any is quoted more low to graze, zatarennoj metallokeramikoj. On that also there is Hollywood. As spoke in an old Soviet fairy tale: « its big half ». Smaller, but the best yet does not give in to trends and continues to popularise stories about ingenious losers. And, know, chances grow. The advanced American spectator through a nourishing crunch popkorna begins is lazy to filter a simple message: clever to be good.

most easier similar ideas are on sale under ostensibly children`s sauce of animation. Here and a new cartoon film « the Megabrain » - That successful example of sitting by one back on several chairs. Both to children it is smart, and the adult kucherjavo. And we will defeat in the end.

Thus, to ours in which - that eyelids will appear not the radiant superhero, and very much even the bearing malice villain. Sickly, dark blue, bald, but very clever. Also it is one more occasion to reflect on a good and harm relativity. For now will think, I in brief will depict a plot.

In far - a far galaxy, practically at line on zakorkah, the strange dark blue family packs not less dark blue kid in a space shuttle. What for they do it, from what rescue and it is necessary why to fly to the Earth - remains behind a shot. But in a shot to us show surprisingly beautiful 3D - flight and a capsule landing directly in Underground prison - City. A parallel course to the same city arrives also certain supermenskoe the child. To it, naturally, it is possible to land in a hall of a rich private residence. This set - ap accurately places priorities. The good and harm have received the embodiment. The successful kid will grow the sugary superhero with the Hollywood smile and a nickname of Machomen. The dark blue guy becomes the regular supervillain with special effects. The name accurately specifies the Megabrain, of what exactly he will be proud. Further - routine. Dark blue under music AC/ DC will persistently create setups smiling, predictedly each time landing the fifth point in a pool. But once all will go not so. And on some become stupid the Megabrain a stone victory will fall down. Machomen will fall to the applause of auditorium, and in a city it will be established angrily.

And here we comprehend the basic conflict. It appears, without good villains have a creative impotence and fading of interest to life. Add here still pathological love - and the result will be clear. The megabrain will dare to create itself to itself the opponent, and to enter with it deadly slaughter. But will not consider one: simple human dullness. In general, there will be a fight and many will fall. Buildings. Also the minus will be replaced with plus. And the hall will echo Michael Jackson. Wherefore without it anywhere.


All of us have got used to that the intelligency usually drinks absinthe liqueur, reads Cortazar and Proust, and in hand-to-hand fight shows a foreign matter. But Megamoz has come and has intelligibly proved: grey substance - force. And here the grey weight is, definitely sediment. Axiomatic opposition of the beaver with a goat here receives new measurement, and especially marginal layer becomes the main enemy of the educated mankind. In the people named, forgive, cattle. In this case such layer is created the Megabrain nedosupergeroj Tetan. So, with an error, it is written and in a film. And everything that it does only confirms the thesis: dullness is is worse malicious. Or, if want, simplicity is worse than larceny. All is uniform. Even harm can create in the blessing. And here gopote the way to Eden is reserved. Heaven forbid to a pig a horn.

Thus, the history does not roll down in mossy moralizatorstvo and the grown hateful propagation of universal values. Here it is a lot of humour from which the backbone really vibrates. Has got to all: both to the American way of life, and the superheroism concept, and even to optimistical Obama.

And all it is wrapped in smart 3D haute couture. Explosions, flights, destructions, fights - all   this hullabaloo occurs as if at you on a retina. It would Seem, an animated cartoon, and on a spinal cord run quite to itself real murashki. Yes that there - the whole elephants! To look « the Megabrain » it is recommended only in 3D. Be bored for a while in turn, extract the ticket - it of that costs.

it is necessary to appear on a life feast to understand that this life really inserts. And universal justice is not a biblical myth, and quite to itself a tangible matter. Malicious... Kind... All is interchangeable concepts. At whom brains - that and the rights. And dullness? It is necessary to kick it more often. So, storm a brain of stagnancy strongholds! Also there will be to you a happiness.