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Putin has entered into the five of the most influential people of the world

the Fan of every possible ratings the American magazine Forbes has made the world list vlijatelnosti. « We do not take out estimations, - founders make comments on a rating, - and simply we fix a state of affairs ». The main indicators of power of the politician, under the magazine version, are number of people which submit to the figure, quantity of money of which he can dispose, and also active use of the power by it this year.

by these criteria Forbes, having interrogated 35 thousand persons, has created the list of 69 most influential people of the world.

- most the leader of China Hu Jintao (on number of the people which it operates, anybody could not compete to it in the world - 1,3 billion persons, the fifth part of the population of a planet, at China the greatest in the world army, and economy of China - the second in the world after the USA) is recognised by most.

On the second position - US president Barack Obama whom, composers of a rating consider, has handed over positions together with democrats headed by it on intermediate elections in the USA.

on the third line - 86 - the summer king of Saudi Arabia Abdalla ibn Abdel Aziz the expert - Saud. Its country possesses huge influence in the Muslim world, in it there are relics honoured by Moslems. Saudi Arabia - the fifth on oil stocks in the world.

the fourth line - at the Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin.

the fifth - at the Pope XVI.

Into ten influential have entered: German chancellor Angela Merkel (6 - e a place), the British prime minister David Cameron (7 - the head of Federal reserve system of the USA Ben Bernanke (8-), the Indian politician Sleepyhead Gandi (9-), founder Microsoft Bill Gates (10-).

the Secretary general of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon - only on 47 - j to a line vlijatelnosti. The richest person of the world - the Mexican magnate Carlos Slim - has occupied   22 - e a place.  

is in the list not only politicians and businessmen, but also world criminals. So, the head searched by the whole world « Al - Kaida » Osama bin Laden has occupied 57 - e a place, Mexican   drug baron Hoakin Gusman - 60 - e, the head of criminal syndicate of India Daud Ibragim Kaskar - on 63 - m.

Are recognised by influential and known programmers. 26 - the summer author of social network Facebook Mark Tsukerberg has occupied 40 - ju a position. 68 - e a place at   39 - summer Dzhuliana Assanzha, the founder the Internet - portal WikiLeaks placing « plums » the confidential information.  

the List completely read here.