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Mother has brought an action against the neigbour that Quarrel in a usual Krasnoyarsk court yard of two boys - five years` Arthur and second-grader Daniel has spanked her son

- has poured out in the present beating. Children have not divided something, happens. But his mother has stood up for the senior child, 39 - summer Tatyana Gordienko. Has without thinking twice seized Arthur and nadavala with all the heart on the priest. And after all native - that the son for three its years is more senior!

a beating scene saw from a balcony the grandfather of the victim who has immediately called daughter Naide for work. The woman who has arrived home did not begin to enter useless conversations with the neigbour, it has brought the little son to fracture clinic where have fixed bruises, and has then gone to militia and has written the application.

in the relation « advocates of justice » have got criminal case, before the woman prison term has loomed. Thus, as mother of the suffered boy has told « the neigbour did not repent at all of a criminal conduct.

- I have asked it: « And if I so - that you would make your son? » - was indignant 23 - summer Naida Gukova before court. - and it: « Yes I would kill you! » and I will not lower this business on brakes - let it will be to it a lesson. Today it has beaten my boy, tomorrow another will beat.

however on court accused recognised the fault and still has repented. Probably, convincingly - the court has considered that the penalty in 4500 roubles as punishment will be enough. Gukovy say that are quite satisfied by how the neigbour got a bad name to all Krasnoyarsk. Will think next time before hand to dismiss.