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Leah will help to give up smoking an electronic cigarette?

recently the colleague whom periodically met in a smoking-room, has unexpectedly ceased to appear there.

- has thrown? -   I have asked it at a meeting in a corridor.

- is not present, - she has responded and was tightened by something very similar to a cigarette, but without a smoke and a smell. - I want to throw, here and has passed to the electronic. But this at its finest « a dummy » for what would not exchange it for usual cigarettes, if not health. And so - neither taste, nor a smell, only easy sensation aromatizatorov, approximately as from   tobacco in a hookah, only without a smoke. A cigarette will not replace, but, I hope, will help to give up smoking...

all time while we stirred, the colleague was tightened where more often, than in a smoking-room by a usual sigarette. And and has not let out it from a mouth, leaving on the affairs. Something very much became doubtful that this modern invention will help it to give up smoking...


As the adviser at office - sales of an electronic novelty has told to our correspondent, it only less harmful replacement of a usual cigarette. That is it turns out that you simply change a usual cigarette for an improved version which is not containing so many dangerous chemical compounds.

inherently the electronic cigarette is an inhaler in which basis the ultrasonic spray of a nicotinic liquid (see drawing - the scheme) lies. That is all of us - taki inhale nicotine together with steams. Its quantity in replaceable cartridges can be more and less (strong, average, easy and beznikotinovyj). Yes, there there are no accompanying harmful substances, type of pitches and carcinogens which are in a usual cigarette smoke. But slightly strains that while any manufacturer of electronic cigarettes (no less than them « pioneers » - Chineses) yet have not given any accurate data about their harmlessness.


Despite numerous advertising on the Internet - on blogs and various sites THINK - electronic cigarettes call for the present very careful relation experts. For example the Greek urgently recommend to stop sale of electronic cigarettes before the termination of global researches.

the American Management on control over products and medicines (FDA) is seriously anxious by that from - for different stamps of batteries the quantity of the nicotine arriving with a smoke, can differ even if to use identical cartridges. They have found out cancerogenic substances in steam of an electronic cigarette. Though and in smaller quantities, than in a smoke of the usual.

and Ministry of Health of France warns the fellow citizens what to use electronic cigarettes it is necessary nevertheless with care. Their researchers now find out, the liquid (propilenglikol) which steams the smoker inhales is how much dangerous.

our doctors too not in the big delight from modern « toys » smokers. Here, for example, that the psychiatrist - the expert in narcology, psychotherapist Alexey Magalif thinks:

- Electronic cigarettes will not help to struggle effectively with smoking, more serious approach is for this purpose necessary. These « toys » more likely simply will promote reduction of a daily dose of consumption of nicotine. Also they will neutralise a psychological reflex, will help the person to remove stress and not to feel discomfort in those places where it is impossible to smoke. Certainly, cigarette smoke contains more than harmful chemical compounds, than pairs of electronic cigarettes. Therefore it is possible to tell that from such imitation of smoking of harm it is less.



Costs an electronic cigarette 4 to 5 thousand roubles. To it replaceable cartridges with various tastes (an apple, menthol, a cherry, coffee and etc.) are required And various level of the maintenance of nicotine. Cost of one packing –   about 150 roubles. In packing - 5 cartridges. As the promoters speak, one cartridge is equivalent to one pack of cigarettes. According to electronic smokers, it suffices a maximum on pair days.

instead of a conclusion

Pluses of electronic cigarettes are obvious - in them adjustable level of nicotine, actually there are no (until proved otherwise) cancerogenic substances and there are no harmful pitches. Besides a smell from them any so it is possible to smoke though at five babies. And in the street from a flaw ashes will not fly away and will not burn a coat sleeve. According to the Geneva researchers, the electronic cigarette has helped to give up smoking usual cigarettes to 95 percent of people. And at 90 percent « electronics engineers » the state of health has improved and cough was gone.

on the other hand, minuses too are. This « a dummy » Creates it is deceptive - harmless impression. And without feeling a smoke and burning in lungs, the person starts to smoke an electronic stick actually constantly, podpityvaja nicotine the body as a matter of fact is unbounded. And absence of a smell and at all gives full impunity. Yes though in the underground smoke - anybody words will not tell! As a matter of fact, we receive together with electronic tsigarkoj new dependence. To take at least our colleague who pitches the « to a dummy » incessantly - the blessing lighters, matches is not necessary. Has inhaled and already steam with nicotine at you in lungs. And besides - on one electronic cigarette yet do not write - « sale Is forbidden persons of not reached 18 years » and « Smoking kills ».

how popular leader Dmitry Dibrov gave up smoking by means of an electronic cigarette, read here.