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For debts before the Pension fund of businessmen will not start up abroad

Now Russians do not let out abroad for evasion from the alimony, outstanding in time the credit or other collecting, nalozhenoe court. Since New year to the list of duties for which it is possible to fly by with zagranpoezdkoj, it will be added also debts against the Pension fund of Russia (PFR).

it concerns private businessmen, notaries, lawyers, farmers.

As have explained in PFR, earlier the fund independently did not collect payments with predpritjaty and private businessmen. It was done by tax specialists, charging the uniform social tax. Now sotsnalog have replaced with social payments and businessmen should contact not only with tax, but also to off-budget funds. And if the businessman has run into debt, any of these funds can be converted into court with the requirement vzskat debts and to limit departure abroad.

- Now only 28 percent of the self-occupied citizens have paid insurance payments for 2010, - has told « » Stanislav Degtyaryov, the chief of department a press - services PFR. - this Figure does not frighten, as the majority of businessmen payments in December so time while is pay.

All in Russia on account PFR consists more than 4,3 million the persons paying insurance payments independently. For October, 1st they have listed 12,4 billion roubles.