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the House of Ponizovkina in Yaroslavl will hand over by the summer

- On « the House of Ponizovkina » dredges again work! - the uneasy voice of the reader was distributed in a tube. - but after all there was a decision of Office of Public Prosecutor …

the Correspondent « » at once has left into place. Really, through a crack in a fence two powerful working cars and ten workers in orange helmets were visible.

- the First time about it I hear, thanks that have informed, - the chairman of Committee on istoriko - to a cultural heritage Yury Avrutov to whom we and have told that is created behind tightly closed gate, has been disturbed. - we did not give any permission to them. They should prepare the new project on full reconstruction of the destroyed monument and to co-ordinate with all instances. As far as I know, such was not. And licences for restoration works from Rosohrankultury at them, on - to mine, no. We will necessarily understand with this business.

Not in a course have appeared and in Office of Public Prosecutor.

- On this object criminal case under article « has been brought; Damage and destruction of the monuments which are under protection of the state » - have informed us in Office of Public Prosecutor of the Kirov area. - the public prosecutor who runs this business, will return on Thursday and will necessarily inspect.

But how it is permissions is not present, the licence is not present, there is a criminal case, but works are conducted?

- Yes they also did not stop, - the director of Open Company « has easy responded; Ikar » Vladimir Sorokin. - I have all necessary documents, including the letter on the coordination with Committee on istoriko - to a cultural heritage. There is a decision of the mayor about necessity snesenija at home in order to avoid danger of a collapse. There is a conclusion of the regional interdepartmental commission. You ask the former tenants of the house: they were afraid to fall asleep and not to wake up. We have simply prevented tragedy!

It appears, the deviation towards Freedom street was on 60 %, and at any moment the building could fall to street simply. Under it the underground small river flows, and even to Ponizovkinu in the middle of the last century have refused the permission of construction of the third floor. And even capital repairs in 20 - h and 60 - h years of the last century have not changed a situation.

- We have simply rescued people, - Vladimir Nikolaevich has continued. - And on a broader scale strange it turns out: when the monument architecture (chapel) recently has fallen, the committee has easy fixed - has collapsed - so has collapsed. And in the relation « ponizovkina » it was converted into Office of Public Prosecutor. That occurs to this business, I do not know - me called to one inspector, to the second, to the third … and have then become silent.

It appears that now on object - the Perm builders with experience of erection of the Olympic objects hammer 10 - metre is cement - earthen piles which will help a building to stay not one century. And its external shape will be saved.

- « the House of Ponizovkina » it will be ready by the summer, - Vladimir Sorokin has confidently promised. - and jaroslavtsy still will tell to us « thanks » for the shown will. As have already told « thanks » the former tenants.

Who is right, who is guilty in this history, probably, it becomes clearer, when the word will tell Office of Public Prosecutor. « will steadfastly watch destiny of a monument of architecture.