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the Inventor gravitsapy and pepelatsa has amazed jaroslavtsev

It is unique festival in the country where the Award of the Government of the Russian Federation of Feodor Volkova`s name for the contribution to theatrical art development is handed over. This time winners became Novosibirsk theatre « the Red torch » Khakass puppet theatre « the Fairy tale » and hudruk Kazan drama Alexander Slavutsky.

Has opened festival theatre « the Red torch » with lermontovskim « the Masquerade ». With statements of Timotheus Kuljabina jaroslavtsy are already familiar - the young director put in Volkovsky « Carmen ». But this time Timotheus has surprised all. Such Lermontov walls of the Yaroslavl theatre yet did not see. Assembly designs in a black box in a combination to ancient suits and furniture. Ancient minuets with passionate Spanish dances. The multilevel text with citations from Michael Jurevicha and other classics (Zvezdich reads « the Sail » Arbenin says « Thoughtfully I look at ours pokolene … ») . The poetry sounding, as prose. And tikane hours in spletene with east melodies … Has shaken spectators and the second winner - Khakass « the Fairy tale » has again grasped the Yaroslavl children (the theatre from Abakan already received the Volkovsky award in 2003). The best Sunday gift, than a doll farce « Neighbours » under the play of Suponina, children could not think up. And here the third Volkovsky premiant has discouraged. Perhaps « for the contribution » Alexander Slavutsky also is worthy awards, but « the Uncle`s dream » which citizens of Kazan, « have brought; smelt slightly of naphthalene » - tedious and bukvalistskoe perusal       Dostoevsky.

And on Sunday the international days have begun. For the first time on our scene there was a performance on the Hungarian. However, at theatre of a name of Chokonai from the city of Debrecen the Russian director - Victor Ryzhakov, and the play Russian - the winner of competition « the New drama » - « The beautician » Sergey Medvedev. And featured actress Nelli Sjuch, Russian on mum, has finished Kiev « the theatre-goer » in Soviet period.

- Me too the play has seemed not so Hungarian, but I have decided to risk, - director Victor Ryzhakov, « was frank; prokljaty also are killed » which now with deafening success go in MHT. - But fears have appeared are vain - I was once again convinced that all people are identical. I terribly was nervous. After all Yaroslavl is very important for me. Here the spectator is genetically connected with theatre. I hardly in a faint have not fallen for stirring and awesomeness before the native land of Russian theatre.

And it the director with a world name speaks!

Next day the same theatre put « the Person winged » Oleg Zhukovsky. Also has repeated the success.

Has subdued jaroslavtsev and Novosibirsk drama which on a scene Chamber has presented vyrypaevsky « Dance « Delhi ». Have not pumped up and volkovtsy with performances « Three sisters » and « Ekaterina Ivanovna ».

the notice was and on « Peter Fomenko`s Workshop » with vanguard « After a curtain » Benjamin Frila. It is the play, where Chekhovian Prozorov from « Three sisters » casually in cafe near the station meets the Sleepyhead from « Uncles Vani ».

- Yaroslavl is interesting to us to that here glavrezh - our Serezha Puskepalis, - joked Peter Fomenko`s right hand director Evgenie Kamenkovich, reminding that Sergey - the native from well-known « the Workshop ».

And on Saturday on a scene have presented an unprecedented dish - « Tolstoy on - korejski ». Seoul Korus showed east vision « a krejtserovoj sonata ». It was surprising to listen to familiar lines in strange language and to see slanting eyes under Russian hats of a XIX-th century. And as they sang Russian romances! The hall blew up an applause after each execution.

But the present cultural shock became « Human life » on Leonid Andreevu in statement « Theatre - Theatre » from Perm. Boris Milgram has deduced on a scene of 8 circus actors, 6 parkurshchikov and 30 persons of actors! Music was written by Vladimir Chekasin - the known saxophonist and the master of the jazz improvisations who have written music for films « the Taxi - a blues » and « Wedding » Paul Lungina. And with the scenography, masks and dolls has amazed the Yaroslavl theatre-goers of Teodor Tezhik, « the inventor » gravitsappy and pepelatsa in George Danelia`s film « Kin - dza - dza! ».

Public left stunned … Official closing was not. After such feast any dry ceremonies would be superfluous. Undoubtedly one - the festival has taken place, and jaroslavtsy have taken pleasure, which, undoubtedly, will suffice till next year.