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Kanneloni with meat and mushrooms

It is necessary: 300 g kanneloni, 250 g mincemeat, 100 g tomato paste, 1 glass of red wine, 1 carrots, 1 bulb, 5 - 6 zubchikov garlic, 100 g tinned field mushrooms, on 2 items of a spoon creamy and olive oil, 4 items of a spoon of grated cheese, salt and spices on taste.

we Prepare: 1. Small chopped onion is roasted in the warmed up olive oil. Then we add to it the crushed garlic. 2. In 1 minute in the same frying pan we put the carrots cut by thin straws, mincemeat and mushrooms, we fill with tomato paste and we extinguish about 10 minutes on weak fire. 3. We pour in wine, we cover and we continue to prepare sauce still half an hour. Necessarily it is possible to add half more a boiled water glass.     4. Kannelloni it is boiled in the added some salt water to readiness, and   we throw back on a colander, then it is filled   forcemeat. 5. Stuffed kaneloni it is shifted in fire-resistant ware, we strew grated cheese and it is baked in a hot oven while cheese will not fuse.  

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