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eks - the chief grodnenenskoj militias itself has come to Office of Public Prosecutor with guilty

- I have really abused the office powers at building of the house. It is ready to indemnify a loss, - with these words last week in Office of Public Prosecutor Gennady Hotsko was.

Probably, it is the first case when the former official himself has come cap in hand and has decided to surrender to the authorities. The loud history eks - the chief of the Grodno militia has begun in November, 2009 (Read as: Two weeks search eks - the chief of the Grodno militia) . Then Gennady Hotsko has been dismissed by the decree of the president of the chief and transferred to the reserve. Nobody made comments on the reasons of resignation. And in January, 2010 the State Office of Public Prosecutor concerning the former chief has filed criminal charges on ch. 3 items 424 « the Abuse of power or office powers ». Scandal has inflamed from - for not completed a cottage, which Gennady Hotsko erected in the country in settlement Southern. In February the former chief was gone, and it there and then declared in interstate search. That is surprising, loss was declared by wife Hotsko. She was converted with the statement into militia. It appears, all this time the general disappeared in St.-Petersburg.

- Under the law of Hotsko it has the right to be converted to the president with the petition for the criminal case termination. For this purpose it is necessary for it to indemnify the caused loss, on earlier shown charge it is a question of 11 million roubles, - has told « » the senior assistant to the public prosecutor of the Grodno area Vyacheslav Ignatchik. - But while decisions of the president are not present, and concerning Hotsko investigation proceeds, arrest is put its cottage. Now to it from arrest the preventive punishment is changed to a subscription about nevyezde.

the General accuse that at building of a cottage it used cars and cranes which belong to a motor transport service of the Department of Internal Affairs. For transport services has run the bill in 11 million, but eks - the chief has not paid it. In Office of Public Prosecutor say that while Hotsko left the country, at it was not the subscription about nevyezde is taken,

therefore it has easy left to Russia. Only after Hotsko have put on the wanted list, the decision it to arrest was accepted. The general confirms: it did not disappear, and simply went in Peter in a tourist trip. Though all this time the former subordinates searched for the chief of militia, and its photos have been stuck on all country. However, Hotsko searched not as for the missing person, and as the person who absconds also vessels. By the way, the wife and children eks - the chief did not leave anywhere and 10 months all these were in Grodno.

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Gennady HOTSKO headed militia of the Grodno area with 2005 - go for 2009. In law-enforcement bodies ministered since 1978, began the local policeman, has served to the general. To Gennady Hotsko 53 years.