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The bank commissions: half-dollar learning, how much money remains on a card!

« It appears to learn, how much I still can spend, I need to pay every time for these data, - our reader who has learnt about new payment of the bank absolutely casually is indignant. - certainly, it concerns only another`s cash dispenses, in the about a status of my bill to me will tell free of charge. So soon will start to take money and returning a card from a cash dispense! »

And it is valid, more and more banks in Belarus discount the client of a money for balance viewing. And, if salary cards it is an innovation mentions while seldom for data on your capital on usual debit cards (on them you enlist money) and credit cards it is necessary to pay.

Bankers explain the actions by a high competition between participants of the market.

- We have entered the commission for balance viewing only in devices other banks, in cash dispenses of our bank clients on - former can use this service free of charge, - have explained at office of one of commercial banks. Is it is made first of all that holders of our plastic cards used our cash dispenses, instead of strangers more.

Besides, bankers remind that installation and service of cash dispenses - business not cheap. Here also raise money in any accessible ways.

By the way, variants of collection of a payment for viewing of balance of maps - bills can be the most different.

the Variant 1: For clients of banks - partners - the preferential commission.

Cash in this case will give out to you without any additional payments. The matter is that banks - partners have concluded in this respect among themselves the special agreement. For example, holders of cards of Open Society « Belinvestbanka » Can draw out absolutely easy money in Open Society cash dispenses « ASB « Belarusbank » or Open Society « Belagroprombanka ». But if before removal nalichki you want to check up, how much money at you still remains, pay 100 roubles (or 0,1 dollars, 0,1 euros - depending on currency of maps - bills). But in comparison with cost of the same service in cash dispenses of other banks the price list really preferential.

the Variant 2: Has learnt the rest on the bill in another`s cash dispense - has lost two trips by the underground.

we Will assume, your bank And in which you have opened the bill, and bank which cash dispense you have decided to use, any agreements on the commissions did not conclude. In this case to pay for balance viewing it is necessary several times more expensively, than in the first case. The most widespread price list - 1500 roubles (either 0,5 dollars, or 0,5 euros - depending on currency of maps - bills). Here also it turns out that, having checked up the finance in another`s cash dispense, it is possible to lose more than two talonchika on journey to public transport.

By the way, more often, in such cash dispenses take money and that you remove nalichku. However, if money for rest viewing will be taken away by your bank for cashing in - you have used what cash dispense.

the Variant 3: too often be interested in the rest on the bill? Share money with bank!

sometimes draw out money for balance viewing the bank can also. Fortunately, meanwhile such commission not too extended. As a rule, take money not for each viewing but only if you look too often in the plastic purse. For example, since 5 - go inquiry in day, from you will remove approximately 750 - 800 roubles. Thus to consider, how much time during the day you have glanced in a cash dispense, it is necessary to you independently. Any inscriptions - napominalok volume that you in the fifth time are interested in balance of the bill, on the cash dispense screen will not appear. Easier information that from you took the commission, will bring in the check.


And if in the homeland without frequent viewing of contained your bill it is possible still though as - that to manage, on foreign trips with it it is more difficult. Shopping in boutiques, purchases of souvenirs, campaigns in restaurants - a word, it is necessary to watch the rest of money. But, unfortunately, many foreign cash dispenses do not show balance of the bill by our cards. Nalichku, truth, will give out without any problems. So for such cases will approach sms - or the Internet - banking.


« About all commissions should warn in the contract »

In certain cases banks - partners remind the clients that for operations by friendly cards the commission will not take.

- a leah Should the information on the commission for viewing of the money which has remained on a card to appear on the cash dispense screen? - We have taken an interest in Natsbank.

- All information on the commissions should be registered in the contract, which client signs, when opens maps - the bill, - the head of department of the information of Natsbank Anatoly Drozdov has explained. - Besides, it is necessary to pay attention and to that point where it is told about changes of treaty provisions. After all, for example, if the commission for viewing of balance of the bill when you opened a card, was not, and then the bank has decided it to enter, it will be essential change of treaty provisions. And before to raise from the client a payment, the bank should enter into with it the additional agreement.

However, if the bank has registered in the contract that about the changed conditions he undertakes to warn the client by means of messages on the a site or through announcements at bank offices to learn about new payments - already care of the owner of a card. And here the point that the information on the commission for viewing of balance of the bill should appear on the cash dispense screen, in the legislation is not present.