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The armed gang for a week has plundered 17 shops in Ufa and vicinities

One of these days across Ufa a series of impudent robberies of shops &ndash has swept; 17 attacks for a week! Handwriting same. Operated always at night. The guy came into shop, bought to bank « Koly » smekal that as costs, a leah is a gain in cash desk.

After a conventional sign « the scout » its companions rushed into a hall with shout: « This robbery! All to lie! Money for a butt! ».   while one swung a pneumatic pistol and scorched from it on show-windows and bottles, another to the accompaniment of the scared wails of the seller cleaned cash desk. « the scout » and more one guy in the meantime laid chickie at an input in shop., For example, to detain the casual inconvenient night buyer.

Having made business, the four sat down in the car and left. They fine knew that if the seller will have time to press the disturbing button, protection will arrive within three minutes. Therefore for each robbery spent no more than one minute. If something was impossible - for example, the seller has had time to press this most saving button -   predators retired with what. So, one of points gangsters have cleaned all for … 12 seconds!

  Only in the night from Thursday to Friday all for four hours they have plundered five night shops in three areas of Ufa! Next day the brigade worked already in village Starokulevo of Nurimanovsky area of republic.

the Seller did not want to give a gain and has received a bullet in the person. Fortunately, the pistol was pneumatic

But in the last campaign on a night little shop the next four left already under supervision of field investigators. Them have calculated and steadfastly watched. After a touch « dony korleone » local pouring instead of counting a gain, have tried on iron bracelets. Hardly later took the others.

- Now we spend all necessary investigatory actions, we establish that circumstance that has occurred – what robberies and in what days have happened, – have told to us in a press - service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs across Bashkiria . - it is possible, them much more.

11 young guys entered Into a gang 18 - 20 years. « On business » thieves went brigades on four persons, moved on same « to the nine ». Guys were engaged in nothing - did not study and did not work.

By the way, the saleswoman of a night stall has suffered from hands of robbers near Northern road service station -   the valiant woman has decided to reject pressure of uninvited visitors. Also has received for it a bullet in the person. Fortunately, from a pneumatic pistol. And the shot was not strong: probably, ballonchik with gas in due course has exhausted.

- I have followed alcohol bottles that it on a counter to lay out as suddenly they have flown. Even to think was in time nothing, so quickly all has occurred, – has told to us seller Ramzilja Mullajarova.