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Question of day: Why in Russia such bad business - a climate?

Vasily Ursuljak, the director of a hothouse complex, Krasnoyarsk:

- Bad? Like is not present. I live, I work, all arranges!

Lyudmila Nikiforova, the publisher of the commercial newspaper, Achinsk:

- Businessmen can be regretted only. Still three months ago I was the optimist, and now I do not know that will be tomorrow. All should each other – such is the scheme of our Russian business. I think that in our country so was always. I do not know how to change a situation, at me very small enterprise experience.

Dmitry Privalihin, the individual businessman, Krasnoyarsk:

- The less state will interfere with small-scale business, the better at us affairs will go.

Michael LEONTEV, the political scientist:

- How much it bad is a question of subjective appraisals. I do not know and I do not understand, how the World bank calculates business - a climate. Look, what business - a climate in China, - hrenovenky, frankly speaking, though and it is better, than at us. But count volume of external and internal investments into China and compare to a place which to it was defined by the World bank.

Andrey JAKOVLEV, the pro-rector of the Higher school of economy:

- Specificity of research of the World bank that its experts estimate business - a climate in the country on the largest business centre. In our case across Moscow. But capital in this question for Russia not an indicator. The business climate in Moscow during the last years degraded, though in many regions the situation changes vluchshuju the party.

Alexander HINSTEIN, the deputy of the State Duma:

- I think that all these ratings are created, as well as musical a hit - parades that those who does not get on the top lines, searched for possibilities there to get. Most simple - to agree with the World bank that us have brought in the twenty. It will be cheaper, than really vkachivat the huge sums of economy.

Alexander MURYCHEV, the first executive vice-president of the Russian union of industrialists and businessmen:

- the Country leaders pass correct laws, and the officials resist to simplification of life of business. Who wants to lose a favourable feeding trough? In the dry rest many words and affairs a little are had.

Igor KORNELJUK, the composer, the singer:

- Until then while in our country will not eradicate corruption, we will trudge in the end of all ratings. In building, by the way, recoils are most extended.

Bhatt Rakesh KUMAR, the businessman from India:

- In Russia I am engaged in business 16 years. I face every year red tape if I want to take the credit for development. To me always refused banks! And advertising about support of small and average business - only words.

Dmitry potapenko, the businessman, eks - the managing director « Pjaterochki »:

- 123 - e - yet the most bad place for Russia, considering its unpredictability.

Privetmaskva, the reader of a site:

- Officials extort, gangsters kryshujut, employers underpay, from - for what workers podvorovyvajut. Not everything, certainly. It is the generalised portrait of the Russian business.