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Today names of the main candidates on fast of Murmansk city - the manager

Competition on replacement still a vacant post of first city in the history of polar capital - the manager left till now on a home straight (see « » - Murmansk » for November, 2nd). Whose nominees will present for City Council discussion,     specially created commission will solve already today.

the Minus one

Interview with candidates on a post of the head of administration of a city of Murmansk will begin in 10 mornings in a building on Lenin, 75, in an office 42. Participation in it will be accepted by 11 applicants.

- Initially demands have submitted 12 persons, but the nominee of one of competitors - Evgenie Chernjadeva - has been unanimously rejected, - the secretary of the competitive commission, the deputy the chairman of the council of deputies of Murmansk Tamara Prjamikova tells. - Therefore there are 11 applicants. From 10 mornings they serially in alphabetic order come on interview with the competitive commission. Rough time for interview - an order of 15 minutes. We count that in 15. 00 commission can already declare competition results. I hope, all will pass without failures and problems, and townspeople at last - that learn names of two finalists.    

By the way, incorrect filling of documents, and also their granting in incomplete volume became a reason for rejection of a nominee of Chernjadeva. Other applicants - Evgenie Baranov, Vladimir Belan, Sergey Gabrieljan, Karib Gadzhimagomedov, Oleg Guz, Evgenie Karpushkin, Alain Kuznetsova, Alexey Lyzhenkov, Olga Sorokin, Andrey Sysoyev, Alexander Trofimov - with this problem have consulted. Now they needed to convince the commission that each of them is worthy to become « the main business executive » cities.  

to Improve housing and communal services work

Even before competition we have decided to take an interest at some candidates, they will undertake what steps in case of victory.  

- First of all it is necessary to undertake housing and communal services. All programs what only it is possible are ruined. Any really is not executed, - Alexander Trofimov in due time occupying posts of the deputy has declared The minister of housing and communal services of region (at Nikolay Berezhnom) and vitse - the mayor (at Sergey Subbotin). - Only the program of Fund of assistance to housing and communal services reforming, perhaps, unique in 2009 is executed in Murmansk hardly. The city of the possibilities did not use.

the deputy of the City Council Olga Sorokin adheres to the Similar position also. It in case of the election on a post of the head of administration for certain can quickly find common language with the head of municipal union. Olga Borisovna and Stepan Aleksandrovich together supervised over the company « ORKO - invest ».

- I consider that at me good chances: corresponding education, is experience, the deputy experience, - Olga Sorokin considers. - today the City Council role has amplified. So, from its numbers have chosen the head of municipal union. Therefore city - to the manager with such collective can very many be made for a city. First of all it is necessary to be engaged in housing and communal services is a sore point. There are problems with management companies. There, of course, many legislative blanks, but are real possibilities a situation in a city to correct.

- the Priority - winter to endure, - tells one more konkursant, the deputy of the City Council Oleg Guz. - For this purpose it is necessary to collect urgently the command, capable to solve sharp city problems. It is necessary to provide uninterrupted giving of heat, water, the electric power. To adjust work of management companies. To repair roads and court yard.

- And money where take?

- It is necessary to achieve support from regional and federal budgets, and also to involve investments.

- Oleg Nikolaevich, let`s dream: here there will be at Murmansk money, on what will spend?

- On engineering networks. It is necessary to pull in city centre additional LEP, differently there will be problems with power supply. It is necessary to construct two roads - the doubler, new parking places, and still at last - that to settle people from shabby and emergency habitation!

Other candidate, the deputy of the City Council Andrey Sysoyev, has politely evaded from comments:

- I Ask me to excuse, but it seems to me not so correct directly on the eve of competition to give any comments concerning its exod …  

to Open in Murmansk Zhirinovsky`s reception  

One more candidate, Evgenie Karpushkin, already participated in elections of the mayor in 2004, but unsuccessfully. It the pensioner, the veteran of work, a member of LDPR and … the president of Academy Cartesian infinitologii and evklidovyh fractals. Behind last sophisticated name opening of Karpushkina in the mathematician, truth, an official science not recognised disappear.

- Why you, the person of a science, are going to go to a policy?

- So my science does not feed me. Pension of all of 7 thousand roubles. And attempts to draw attention of scientists to my mathematical opening break about callousness of scientific elite.

Evgenie Vasilevich also does the Emphasis on housing and communal services:

- First of all it is necessary to convince murmanchan to watch cleanliness. We - a provincial city, the person of the Polar region, and in streets and at entrances such dirt!

- Who to clean - that should: zhilishchniki or townspeople?

- the Slippery question. The grandmother - tehnichka follows all our fools cannot. To it not on forces to drag out the pig-iron bath thrown by the careless tenant. Means, it is necessary to nurture people!

- Penal sanctions?

- Perish the thought! All - on a kind word. For cleanliness I will devote to struggle the throne speech, - the candidate for city - managers laughs.

By the way, Karpushkin has submitted the application form for participation in competition without consultations of local branch of LDPR. But has already got the letter in support from party leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

- In the answer I have promised to Vladimir Volfovichu in case of victory to open its public reception in Murmansk, - Evgenie Vasilevich admits. - and that at the president and the prime minister - the minister such is, and at the leader of LDPR is not present. A disorder!

the Destiny of two nominees chosen today will pass to deputies of the City Council. At the emergency meeting (date is defined, are most probable: 13, on November, 15th or 16) members of parliament will choose at last - that of the first Murmansk city - the manager.