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Buryatiya has not exchanged the heads for the Buddhist

the Head of republic has outstripped the opponents
governor`s elections
Yesterday in Buryatiya have passed republic presidential elections. Voting passed easy. It and it is no wonder: in republic nobody doubted a victory of the operating head of republic of Leonid Potapov. Its main contender, the deputy of State Duma Bato Semenov, could count at the best on an exit in the second round (it was for this purpose necessary that Leonid Potapov has typed less than 50 % of votes). IRINA`S reporting - NAGORNYH.
Yesterday all were disturbed first of all by an appearance of voters. In Buryatiya rather exotic form of definition of an attendance threshold is accepted: on elections than thirds of voters of republic, that is 33,3 % should be not less. However already on 10 o`clock in the morning in some especially remote taiga areas has voted more than 30 %. Doubts of the correspondent that people are capable of such disciplined will, members of election committee have tried to dispel, having declared that in such small districts for people elections are a holiday. though will look against each other - the employee of the commission has sighed. To 18. 00 local time voting in republic has on the average passed for a mark of 36 %. The commission has not found out yesterday serious excesses which could give an occasion to revision of results of voting on sites. here, have called, have informed that one voter demands, that to it have given out the bulletin both in Russian, and on Buryat languages - have complained in republican electoral committee.
nevertheless supporters of deputy Semenova did not believe that calculation of bulletins will pass without falsifications, and showed vigilance. these have rolled up semenovtsy! - the girl - the secretary discontentedly grumbled. But opponents constantly found the bases for doubts. The day before late at night representatives of a staff of mister Semenova have literally pulled down from a bed of members of the Central Electoral Commission of the Russian Federations which have arrived for control over elections. Supporters of the deputy have sounded the alarm, having learnt that the territorial commission has decided to retain 5 % of bulletins, having given on sites only 95 % of sheets for voting under that pretext that all the same all on elections will not come . They have considered that the commission has influenced organizational - methodical department of administration of republic, and suspected that bulletins will be used for vbrosa for the head of republic. For example, it was found out that bulletins has adhered the chairman of the commission in October area the Uhlan - Ude with the experience hardly probable not equal 12 - to a summer term of appointment of the president of republic.
however member TSIKa Evgenie Ishchenko has declared to the correspondent that the outcome of elections in republic does not cause in it fears, and named them very quiet - In comparison with elections, for example, the president of Yakutia. Nevertheless on Friday to Buryatiya chairman TSIKa Alexander Veshnjakov has arrived. It in the closed mode met at first candidates for presidents, and then with representatives of power structures, parties, journalists, and then inspected republican electoral committee. Agents of national security admitted to chairman TSIKa that in republic left foolish history : the inspector of FSB has come to one of regional staffs to Bato Semenovu and began to ask different questions about elections to the chief of this staff. Semenovtsy have made noise.
the chief of republican management of FSB Anatoly Mitin who has been appointed to this post approximately one month ago, has started to intercede for the subordinate: Some candidates behave as in football. As start to lose - at once in attack . But chairman TSIKa has all the same asked it to work other methods . Leonid Potapov has not come on reception to chairman TSIKa. Then Alexander Veshnjakov has publicly declared what to use a name of president Vladimir Putin in pre-election campaign illegally. Semenovtsy have cheered up: the name of the president was used just by the head of Buryatiya. But Alexander Veshnjakov has scarified also other candidates, and then nevertheless has met mister Potapov separately and individually.
There was mister Veshnjakov and members of political council of the Buryat branch an United Russia . After this meeting the main federal inspector has approached to the correspondent across Buryatiya Boris Danilov and has declared that will petition in Moscow, that branch an United Russia it has been reformed, and Bato Semenov - is ousted the head of regional branch.
the matter is that Buryat an United Russia before elections has broken up. On parliamentary elections of 1999 of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in Buryatiya has outstripped Unity (27,06 % against 25,46 %), Fatherland has received srednerossijskie 10,05 %. To exceed electorate of communists weak Buryat branch Unities could only together with Fatherland . And when there was a question on association of two organisations at federal level, the quota orgrabot across Buryatiya has got to Fatherland . It is said that one year ago Leonid Potapov there was Evgenie Primakov, and that promised that the representative of OVR becomes the following head of republic. However remains not clear to whom the federal inspector in Moscow on vysheoznachennym to questions as the Buryat elections have split not only local branch, but also directing bodies " is going to address; an United Russia in Moscow. The matter is that Bato Semenova were supported by deputies from the Duma fraction of OVR, and seven from them even have written down a special broadcast appeal to inhabitants of republic in support of mister Semenova. And the chairman gensoveta an United Russia Alexander Bespalov, in turn, recommended to select Leonid Potapov`s republican head.
equal conditions on elections was not. The authorities in power used the office powers. The most powerful, unprecedented pressure of which was not in 1998, on last presidential elections of Buryatiya, in 1999, on elections in the State Duma. Besides Potapov`s command plays a national card - deputy Semenov has declared. He considers that if there was no such pressure from Moscow, he could win. the main federal inspector, the plenipotentiary of the president in the Siberian federal district openly goes and forces people to support the president of republic. To head of a Buddhist community of Russia which staff is in Buryatiya, there came federal officials, spent work that hambo - the llama and Buddhist communities worked on the working president - deputy Semenov tells.
to understand, the correspondent has gone to head of Buddhists of Russia hambo - llama Dambe Ajushevu. He was delighted to arrival of the Moscow journalist: I cannot interfere with Semenovu, because it the Buddhist. Three our llamas go to a hural, and I rejoice, because it will serve strengthening of my religion. But most of all I want strengthening of Russian. I am ready to make it even to the detriment of Buryats. We lived together 300 years. But now there is an outflow of Russian from republic because there is no development, there are no workplaces. It is not necessary to forget that we live on border with Mongolia and in affinity to China. If Russian leave, their place will not be empty. I want, that here there were Russian .
the Increase in quantity of Chineses in region disturbs both llamas, and simple the Buryat to which managed to talk the correspondent. As an argument usually result that fact that Russian cannot understand the Buryat as the nation, and to Chineses it costs nothing . It is not accepted to speak about it publicly, but in conversations behind a mug of beer inhabitants of Buryatiya say that are ready to support those who will understand their fears and will start to develop republic as east advanced post of Russia. we with Buddhists live peacefully - the prior of the Sretensky orthodox monastery mother Glafira has informed the correspondent. To it the correspondent has addressed to understand, how Russian orthodox church and the Russian-speaking population concerns this problem. I voted for Potapov, - have informed Glafira. - the Multinational world in republic exists thanks to it .
Apparently, Leonid Potapov managed to convince the majority of voters of republic of correctness of these words. According to the data of republican electoral committee, at the moment of number signing for the working president has voted about 70 % of voters, for Bato Semenova - about 20 %.