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The historical background

for the Buryat elections the question who from candidates will be supported by the Kremlin was key. To the operating head of republic Leonid Potapov has carried: in November of last year deputies of a national hural (the Buryat Legislative Assembly) have chosen the former public prosecutor Yury Skuratov the representative in federation Council. Such decision categorically did not suit Moscow, and federal officials by means of Leonid Potapov have achieved its revision. This history has predetermined an alignment of forces before elections. Yury Skuratov, gathering to struggle for a republic post of the head, has refused participation in elections. The opposition in a hural has been so demoralised that not only could not put forward any nominee alternative to Leonid Potapov, but also has not managed to block in December, 2001 the decision on cancellation of article of the republican constitution which forbade one person to occupy a post of the head of republic more than two consecutive times (if this position has not been cancelled, mister Potapov could not stand on present elections). And the Buryat leader has managed to receive guarantees from the Kremlin that to it will help to be re-elected for the third term. Accordingly, support it has been refused to the deputy of the State Duma and the head of republican branch an United Russia Bato Semenovu, to the Buryat on a nationality. As a result the deputy did not manage even to get support of members of the same party: for support of mister Semenova the smaller part of regional political council of party - 16 persons from 35 has voted. Others 18 members of political council have extended the statement for Leonid Potapov`s support.