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Feodor Konjuhov has gone on the stranger to a hump

the Known traveller has changed on a camel
there Has passed week as from Kalmyk settlement Tsagan - Aman, located on the bank of Volga, started international scientifically - research expedition On traces of the Great silk way under the direction of known Russian traveller Feodor Konjuhova. At the first stage of travel correspondent DMITRY - VOSKRESENSKY has visited.
Expedition started at confluence of good signs. So, for example, settlement Tsagan - Aman in transfer with Kalmyk the White Gate and at Kalmyks white colour means all good. Have begun a way to day of the White Elephant: the elephant at Buddhists is considered a sacred animal and the patron of travellers. A caravan from 13 camels - at Buddhists this happy number.
Kalmyk two-humped camels from Tsagan - Aman were seen off by some thousand persons in which number were the president of republic Kirsan Iljumzhinov, the rector of Modern humanitarian university Michael Karpenko, the governor of the Astrakhan region Anatoly Guzhvin. And the beautiful national holiday " preceded start; Huran - Bajram . Folklore ensembles acted, spectators have seen races on camels (Feodor Konjuhov has taken the second place and has won the vacuum cleaner), jumps on thoroughbred racers (in them mister Konjuhov has not risked to take part), shooting from onions, national Kalmyk struggle, and, of course, all have tried magnificent ethnic cuisine. The orthodox priest and buddistskie monks have spent moleben, have blest expedition to a long journey and it is traditional for Kalmykia have wished participants of expedition of White road!
Feodor Konjuhov on the eve of start has told to me, for what most of all worries. First of all I worry about animals, - he has explained. - we went round camels and prepared the whole year, and I hope that during travel with them happens nothing. But has all the same decided them to insure. Has insured the camels, all property of expedition, all members of expedition have received the medical insurance. And even mine aljaskinskaja husky on a nickname Chris - it has insured from a sunstroke .
From start expedition has headed on jugo - the east, towards the Astrakhan region, and next day, as well as counted conductors, has arrived to settlement Enotaevka. There the caravan has spent last night in more or less civilised conditions and next morning has left in remote areas, heading for the Caspian coast. At present expedition has overcome 175 km. To finish there were 1287 more km. It will take place in Elista on June, 12th in Independence Day of Russia. And year after the same caravan on the ferry will be forwarded to Iran where will take place the second stage. In 2004 expedition plans to cross sand of Saudi Arabia.
such extent of expedition is caused by environmental conditions of regions on which territory it passes. In Kalmykia, Iran and on Arabian peninsula the best time for travel spring - the beginning of summer. Then there comes intolerable heat, and animals simply are not capable to move long in such conditions.
the basic financing of expedition is made from sponsor`s means, and Feodor Konjuhova`s participation is carried out with support of Modern humanitarian university. The first stage will manage in $150 thousand, and the three-year program - in $500 thousand