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Kotlas TSBK have remembered privatisation

the wood industry
Kotlas tselljulozno - paper industrial complex (KTSBK) - one of the manufacturers of cellulose largest in the country - can replace the owner. In the end of last week of actions TSBK belonging sankt of 25 % - the Petersburg company Ilim Pulp Enterprise (IPE) on a judgement have been sold at auction - they were got by the investment company the vashfinansovyj trustee . In IPE believe that actions will get to the company Kontinental Management which shareholder is the group the Base element .
According to the decision of Factory court of Kemerovo under the claim of shareholder KTSBK of Sergey Melkina (wrote about it on June, 15th), IPE should pay KTSBK 3 mlrd rbl. In maintenance of this decision of Severo - the Western branch of the Russian Federal Property Fund has arrested on June, 4th and has sold to the Baltic financial agency (BFA, it is supervised by Vladimir Koganom) 36 % of actions KTSBK for 1,7 mlrd rbl. Yesterday it became known that remained 1,3 mlrd court enforcement officers have collected rbl. in the same way: 25 % of actions KTSBK which are in depozitarii with Depozitarno - the clearing company (DKK), have been sold to firm cape Verde affilirovannoj with investment company the vashfinansovyj trustee which Vasily Bojko heads. The general director cape Verde Denis Kuzminsky has confirmed the transaction fact.
by data, DKK has refused to register the transaction from - for an interdiction of court for movement of actions KTSBK, and responsibility the company - the registrar - the Petersburg central registration company (PTSRK), also belonging to mister Koganu has incurred. As director IPE for the information policy of Svjatoslav of Bull-calves has informed, board of directors KTSBK still has decided to transfer on May, 3rd the register in Central Moscow depozitary (TSMD), but the present registrar refuses to do it. With us interfere in reception of the information that occurs with the company register - mister Bychkov speaks.
about the further destiny of the sold actions while it is possible to guess only. The mister Kuzminsky did not begin to do any forecasts concerning the one who as a result will manage papers. In IPE could not inform, whether they carry on negotiations for the repayment of actions KTSBK at cape Verde and BFA.
the Curious detail - according to Miroslava Mashuka (Miroslaw Mashuck), the manager on purchases of Polish paper industrial complex Kostrin (belongs to the Swedish group Trebruk), in June representatives of the company Kontinental Management (KM) have suggested to buy since August from them cellulose of manufacture Kotlas and Arkhangelsk TSBK. But the general director of KM Andrey Korobko has declared that in KM in general there is no the division trading in cellulose. these gossips dismisses IPE, - he speaks. - such it is people and their style of business dealing .
we Will notice that auctions under actions KTSBK infringe on interests not only IPE, but also Michael Khodorkovsky`s structures. The matter is that 51 % of actions KTSBK (including 25 % sold to cape Verde ) Are put to Confidential and investment bank (DiB), entering into group MENATEP - YUKOS. By data, structures DiBa in July - August planned to redeem large share holding IPE. In DiBe did not begin to make comments on a situation round sale of the papers put to it. In YUKOS have declared that the company is not shareholder DiBa and though this bank concerns a category friendly, one of co-owners MENATEPa - Platon Lebedev is engaged in its projects personally.
now IPE prepares for reciprocal actions. According to mister Bychkova, the Office of Public Prosecutor of St.-Petersburg considers possibility of excitation of criminal case upon illegal operations with actions KTSBK. And chairman of board of directors IPE of Zahar Smushkin has informed: the Situation will be reflected in our mutual relations with Promstrojbankom (SPb) - we, possibly, we will deduce from it the remained means .