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Tatneft the declaration on intentions
On Friday the general director " merges the banks

; Tatneft Shafagat Tahautdinov has informed that the basic decision on merge of banks " is accepted; Zenith and Ak a leopard . Moreover, he has declared that one more bank will take part in merge - Devon - the credit . If this association takes place, it becomes the first threefold merge of banks in Russia.
on Friday on a press - conferences in the city of Almetyevsk where there is a staff - apartment Tatneft its general director Shafagat Tahautdinov at last has cleared a situation round banks Zenith and Ak a leopard . He has informed that in the near future they will hold meetings of shareholders on which the decision on association of banks will be accepted. According to Shafagata Tahautdinova, the basic decision on their merge is already accepted. Thus, data on preparing merge Zenith And Ak a leopard (see from June, 14th and 20) have received the first official acknowledgement.
representatives Ak a leopard on - former refuse to make comments on a situation. For them it has made a press - bank service Zenith . In extended by it the press - release is told: At the nearest sessions of councils of the Bank ` Zenith ` and bank ` Ak the leopard ` is planned to discuss the approach to the organisation of work on this long-term project . Before to start any steps to a merge direction, - have declared in ` Zenith `, - we should receive full representation about all risks which inevitably accompany any transaction of such scale .
But business will not be limited to merge of two banks. Shafagat Tahautdinov has declared that merge can extend not on two, and at once on three banks - to banks Zenith and Ak a leopard the bank " will join; Devon - the credit .
For April, 1st, 2002 Zenith occupied 23 - e a place on the sum of actives (18,88 mlrd rbl.) and 26 - e a place on the size of own capital (2,95 mlrd rbl.). Ak a leopard was 34 - m on actives (12,69 mlrd rbl.) and 28 - m under the capital (2,91 mlrd rbl.). Devon - the credit was 111 - m on actives (3,45 mlrd rbl.) and 162 - m under the capital (0,47 mlrd rbl.).
In this case the new bank will overtake on the size of the capital bank Uralsib also becomes the largest regional bank of Russia. If merge has taken place today, the new bank would occupy 8 - e a place in Russia under the capital (6,34 mlrd rbl.) and 15 - e a place on the sum of actives (35,04 mlrd rbl.) .
the Decision on joining to to Zenith and Ak to a leopard bank Devon - the credit it is represented logical enough. Bank based in Almetyevsk Devon - the credit has been created in the beginning 90 - h specially for service Tatneft . However its management has decided not to put all eggs in one basket and has translated service of currency accounts Tatneft in bank Zenith . At a management Devon - the credit it, naturally, has caused serious discontent, and shortly the authorities Tatarii have started to reproach Tatneft in leak of capitals. In the company have listened to recommendations of the government of republic. And, to avoid these reproaches, it has made a mutual exchange of a part of share holdings belonging to it in banks Devon - the credit and Zenith . Subsequently a package Devon - the credit has been sold Zenith To reserve fund of the president of Republic Tatarstan and Tatneft . And though today together they officially do not own even a controlling stock, it is considered that actually Devon - the credit it is completely supervised Tatneft .
According to official figures, for April, 1st, 2002 of Open Society Tatneft owns share holdings in banks Zenith (50,0005 %), Devon - the credit (12,02 %), Tatfondbank (15,36 %) and Ak a leopard (28,04 %) - through nominal holder IFK Solid .
Thus, visible obstacles for association of three banks are not present, and if such merge occurs, it becomes the first threefold merge in the history of the Russian bank business. Till today there was only one case when at once three banks intended to merge in one - in 1998 it declared MENATEP, ONEXIMBANK and the Bridge - bank. But then from this left nothing.
will watch succession of events.