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The judge is always wrong

So it seems to all who played from modular South Korea
South Korea became the first in the history of the Asian national team which could reach a World championship semi-final. In Italy, and now and in Spain gloomy joke that it is absolutely not surprising: after all as a part of Koreans in the field always leaves 12 - j the player - the judge.
in FIFA tell that after a match of Koreans with Italians on the electronic address of federation has come 400 thousand messages from those who supported the lost! An essence all of them to guess easily: how it was possible to admit such frank judicial arbitrariness?! In the answer representatives FIFA have again put forward the tested thesis which essence is reduced to that arbitrators - too people, and they too can be mistaken. Officials consider that in the present championship were mistaken seldom enough - two - three times.
in Italy and Spain, by the way, last figures under doubt do not put. With one reservation: Two - three times not for tournament, and on the average for a match.
yesterday there was no Spanish newspaper which would not find the debt to express Egyptian Gamale Gandure (Gamal Ghandour). El Mundo Deportivo, written that not well prepared contenders, and well prepared were the main opponent of Spaniards in the field helping them, the referee, - still most delicate of them. In caps Marca and AS the phrase is taken out: Us obokrali!
Yesterday in Spain there was no TV channel which would not show during the day all these moments. As Luis Enrike (Luis Enrique) escapes to collars, and lajnsmen hoists the colours, though any ofsajda was not. As Havi De Pedro (Javi de Pedro) beats penal, the ball gets to a back of Kim Te Junu (Kim Tae - young) and flies in gate, and lateral again swings a tag, leaving in perplexity Spaniards. At last, as in an extra time Hoakin (Joaquin) finds forces on one more jerk on right to flank, submits, and Fernando Morentes (Fernando Morientes) to which the ball lays down precisely on a head, sends it in the purpose. As in a second all Spaniards look on in which already time appeared in hands lajnsmena a flag. And as Gandur with a smile which all match did not descend at it from the person, explains that Hoakin has missed a ball for the obverse...
in Spain there was no person who would not sympathise with the football players. And Hoakinu who has unexpectedly received a place in a starting lineup, but has fulfilled trust for hundred percent, tormenting the Korean protection 90 with superfluous minutes. And to captain Fernando Jerro (Fernando Hierro) which already never will play in the World championship ending though was so it is close to it. And Ikeru Kasiljasu (Iker Casillas) which almost took the first a penalty from Hvan Sun Hona (Hwang Sun - hong), but a ball from his hand nevertheless was went in a grid: Take - all could develop differently. And Fernando Morentesu who in absence and (Raul) ploughed not recovered Raul in attack for a two, and could hammer in an overtime, get not to a bar, and on pair centimetres more to the right.
they will sympathise with trainer Jose Antonio Kamacho (Jose Antonio Camacho) which will tell that, certainly, expected: judges will be on the party of the opponent. but I thought: it nevertheless the quarterfinal, means, at least in any degree fair refereeing should be - the trainer will add sadly. And nearby in a locker room of Morentes, without hiding a rage, will say that such arbitrators did not see never in life.
Koreans it is a pity a little. They would remain heroes even if would lose. Their victory has left at everything, except Koreans, sensation of that in a semi-final there were those who was not so worthy it.
with Spain they have played how were able. Seol Ki Hen (Seol Ki - hyeon) and Park Chzhi Sun (Park Ji - sung) rushed on flanks two game hours. An Jung Hvan (Ahn Jung - hwan) managed to appear everywhere where there was a ball. Kim Te Is young also Jun San Chur (Yoo Sang - chul) tirelessly worked in a midfield, and Hon Mjun Bo (Hong Myung - bo) with Choj Chzhin Chorom (Choi Jin - cheul), as usual, were accurate in protection. But thus same Seol Ki Hen was bit on the the right to edge Karlesom Pujolem (Carles Puyol), all attempts to be released An Jung Hvana so by and large to what have not resulted, two central halfbacks of Spaniards of Ruben Baraha (Ruben Baraja) and Ivan Elgera (Ivan Helguera) supervised a midfield, and Morentes with Hoakinom often found possibility to surprise the organised and attentive Korean defence. Not because were faster that is why that, unlike the opponent, tried to avoid standard decisions. Such matches almost never happen beautiful, but sometimes it was possible to Spaniards to show beauty: because their failure doubly obidnee.
And the almost Koreans have created the unique moment actually thanks to one persistence when is closer to the end of basic time twice successively beat from all force - at first in the defender, then - in Kasiljasa. Graces in this attack were not gramme. Spaniards created the moments a class, instead of work. And Kamacho with affliction will remember, Whether as the Korean goalkeeper of Vun Chzha (Lee Woon - jae) nevertheless has pulled out a ball from - under crossbeams after heading of Morentesa as Hoakin hardly was has not punched the goalkeeper as yet time owners lost to Spaniards struggle in the penal. And, of course, as Morentes has got then, in an overtime, to a bar. to us a little bit luck... - the discouraged trainer repeated.
... Korea will celebrate all next day a victory. Even more roughly, than a victory over Italians. The young fan, having got drunk for pleasure, will knock down to death by the truck of two persons. At 77 - the summer old woman, looking game, heart will not sustain. Hundreds more people, a victim of general euphoria, will arrive in hospitals with traumas of various severity level. To trainer Guus Hiddink (Guus Hiddink) again will promise the inconceivable blessings and honours. In the answer the Dutch will tell: Wait, we, on - to mine, yet have not stopped to act in the championship .
It seems that the whole world now wants, that have finished as soon as possible - in a semi-final with Germans.