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the dictator
the President of the Russian football union (RFS) Vyacheslav Koloskov is necessary to Russian national team supposes that the foreigner can become the head coach of Russian national team. He has informed that already consulted about it to technical director UEFA Andy Roksburgom (Andy Rocksburgh), discussing some possible nominees. At the same time mister Koloskov has underlined that does not consider necessary to concentrate efforts on search of exclusively foreign trainer. it not panacea from all troubles. The trainer who will lead a command to success " should work; - he is convinced.
Vyacheslav Koloskov has declared that session executive committee RFS on which results of performance of a national team in the World championship will be considered, will take place on July, 7th. However, president RFS, " has noted; it does not mean that the new head coach " on July, 7th will be appointed;. At the same time he has let know that Oleg Romantsev will be anyhow replaced. Has put not so much in a surname, how many that the problem has not been executed, and it has been formulated by executive committee - mister Koloskov has declared.
as to the Russian trainers, that, according to Vyacheslav Koloskova, any trainer of the higher battalion can be considered as the candidate on a post of the trainer of a national team. Most likely, it will be the trainer from the first five of the Russian championship . One more condition, mister Koloskov considers, - the trainer necessarily should be the dictator, as our football players of others do not recognise .

Bora Milutinovich is ready to work in Russia
the Known Yugoslavian trainer of the Pine forest of Milutinovich (Bora Milutinovic) the forces on a post of the instructor of Russian national team on football wish to try. He with interest has apprehended the information that in Russia the group of enthusiasts is going morally and to support financially idea of the invitation to a post of the head coach of the expert with a world name. Mister Milutinovich has specified that while to it with such offer from Russia nobody addressed. it would be rather interesting to me. But a bit later, - the trainer has told. - now in my plans - a few to have a rest from football and to pay attention to a family which is in Mexico .
Bora Milutinovich, anything especially not become famous as the player, became last 15 years rather an outstanding public figure in international trainer`s shop . It posesses unique achievement: it supervised over five different national teams in final tournaments of five successively World championships.

FIFA against video reviews
FIFA continues to insist that judicial errors, especially in favour of modular Korea, no more than a consequence inherent people, in this case arbitrators, property sometimes to be mistaken. for all championship we have fixed only two rough judicial errors, - has told a press - secretary FIFA the Whale Cooper (Keith Cooper). - When emotions will settle, all with me will agree . Simultaneously mister Cooper has formulated official relation FIFA to the offer to allow to use to judges video reviews of points at issue. It is unequivocal: Is not present .

Ronaldinju is disqualified on one match
the Player of Brazilian national team of Ronaldinju (Ronaldinho), removed in chetvertfinalnom a match against English national team, will pass not two games as it was supposed originally, but only one, against Turkish national team. This decision of disciplinary committee FIFA means that Ronaldinju at successful for its command a semi-final outcome can leave in the field of stadium in Iokogame where the decisive match will take place.

Englishmen play
the Head coach of English national team of Sven - Eran the Ericsson (Sven too much - Goran Eriksson) has urged association of football of the country to take measures that as - that to unload football players. In an ideal we should aspire to reducing quantity of commands in the prime minister - league (now them 20.-), - the mister considers the Ericsson. - however I understand that on it hardly someone will go. But then it is necessary to enter at least Christmas vacation in the championship, as in other leading European football championships. Then football players can receive at least more time for restoration, and it will be possible to prepare them more effectively for such tournaments, as the World championships and Europe . Otherwise and further, as the trainer considers, the English national team almost completely made of football players the prime minister - leagues (an exception Owen Hargrivs makes only supporting Munich Bayern, Owen Hargreaves), will approach to large tournaments tired and with a full infirmary.