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Sergey Shojgu has not given rescue to Stavropol Territory money, time
flooding results
In the south of Russia the strongest continues to storm during the last years flooding. The number of victims grows. A situation on personal control took the head of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia Sergey Shojgu who since Friday is in a disaster zone. In the same place there is ALEXANDER`S correspondent - LARINTSEVA.
There now such horror!
in the sky over Stavropol Territory helicopters of frontier guards and rescuers endlessly fly. Roofs of houses in the flooded settlements tower over muddy water. Many roofs are ruined. It is few people: for three days it is evacuated more than six thousand persons. There were those who has refused to leave the houses. People sit on roofs, and from helicopters it lower bread and plastic bottles with water.
strangely enough, most of all otkaznikov In a village Barsukovsky, which else past Thursday about three o`clock in the afternoon has taken up the first wave of emergency dump of water from the Kuban water basin. Stanichniki, left in the morning for work, have appeared near the bridge taken down by water in full ignorance that occurs in Badgers in the evening. Those whom had time to evacuate by the unique helicopter working here, shouted to journalists that their fellows villager have left to the mercy of fate.
- there is at us nothing, no, - in shout the young woman, - there now such horror literally choked! The granny directly in the face of has sunk!
- you look that here becomes, - the elderly man shouted, - the helicopter only one works, there people on trees sit, all it is bad, and fast even any is not present!
the Old woman in a scarf kept hands for a head and, being shaken, groaned: Cows all have floated, all cattle has sunk...
Water stream which went not only across Kuban, but also on all branches of the Big Stavropol channel, has overflowed the city of Nevinnomyssk. Here two chemical industrial complexes are located: Nitrogen making fertilizers, and industrial complex on household chemical goods release Arnest . Both enterprises should be stopped urgently. Has in total filled in third of city, the automobile bridge on a line Nevinnomyssk - Armavir has failed. Water squall has tumbled down 17 support of line LEP - 300, and in all area the electricity was disconnected. On Saturday on one only to Nevinnomyssk was registered more than 160 missing persons.
hardly it was necessary also to military men: flooding has literally washed off one frontier post in Ingushetia, seven more are seriously damaged. And in Itum - Kalinsky area of the Chechen Republic all outposts have appeared cut off as water has taken down bridges. The message with frontier guards is possible now only by air.

all are able to count federal money
On Friday evening at the airport Minvody - 2 the heavy cargo plane of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia has landed. Minister Sergey Shojgu has promptly passed to a building where usually accept honourable delegations. There it has heard reports on conditions. The meeting lasted minutes fifteen, dialogue with the press - no more than three. In this time from the plane have unloaded technics, plavsredstva and the helicopter on which Sergey Shojgu intended to take off immediately in Barsukovsky. But it has appeared that the dispatcher, having considered that its watch has ended, has left. For it searched and returned on a workplace almost with militia.
if we so work, here it nothing us, - the minister has told. - if the person in such situation says that at it work it should be driven simply " has ended;.
Rescuers nevertheless have taken off for disaster area, however in the dark helicopters to work could not any more. People should be rescued from boats and amphibians. About ten evenings one of amphibians has turned over. Was lost 23 - the summer Muscovite lieutenant Gleb Korotygin. After that salvage operations have stopped till the morning.
on Saturday at meeting of heads of Stavropol Territory and Karachaevo-Circassia which Sergey Shojgu spent together with the plenipotentiary of the president in JUFO Victor Kazantsev, the provisional figure of losses - 19 persons for the first time has been named. Before the minister has had time to examine from air of Karachaevo-Circassia and now looked tired and gloomy. To journalists who have hastened to take places in a banquet room of the airport Minvody - 2, Tsentrospasa transformed into an emergency response centre, he with irritation has told: Well, allow to us to work, then all will hear! during reports of heads of departments the minister asked all the same question - what they need. Power have vigorously reported that at them for repair all is, and the only thing of that they wait, so it is a full descent of water. The head of a federal line " was much less optimistical; caucasus .
- On restoration of all roads and bridges it is necessary for us to 730 million roubles, and at us reserve only 60.
- Me this sum at all does not arrange, - Sergey Shojgu has declared in the answer, - I know the price to these works. All are able to count federal money. My children now will sit, will work, and this sum will be reduced to an order.
in general, to all heads of departments have let know that it is so much money, how many they ask, nobody will give. Thus on emergency restoration of all infrastructure the minister has released three - four days, and in seven days ordered to present to the government the documentation on restoration of the destroyed objects with a full substantiation of the requested sums.
- I can tell that we, basically, have executed the work, - Sergey Shojgu has summed up.

Conditions in region
In spite of the fact that rains have stopped, conditions in region very difficult. The flood has destroyed waterpipes, systems of a filtration of water and the water drain. Sewage gets directly to the rivers Podkumok, Kuban, Kuma, Zelenchuk. Thus Kuban in several places has changed the channel and has practically washed away three skotomogilnika where the animals who have died of the Siberian ulcer are buried. Besides, water squall has flooded some cattle-breeding complexes, and in process of a water descent hundreds corpses of the lost animals are found out. All local mass media warn the population about necessity to drink only boiled water or water from plastic bottles.
meanwhile reports at a briefing for journalists sounded quite optimistically: a recovery work is conducted by full speed, movement by rail is almost restored, trains and electric trains run to timetable, thus with might and main work military - engineering parts and in places where bridges have fallen, detours are laid.
On a question, in what measure the complex of the Caucasian Mineral Waters has suffered, Sergey Shojgu, having smiled, has answered that resorts have not suffered at all and if it had time, he with pleasure here would have a rest. But affairs call. After that the minister has left for the North Ossetia to get acquainted with a situation on the Transcaucasian highways.
and yesterday in the morning bodies of eight more victims have been found out at flooding. In total for yesterday total number of victims across Stavropol Territory made already 33 persons.