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The white death, blue love and yellow press

cinema festival
the Competitive program of XXIV Moscow international film festival have opened the First competitive films MMKF the Czech drama Damned and the Danish melodrama All head over heels . And Phillip Yankovsky`s director`s debut " became the first Russian premiere; In movement shown in out-of-competition section High hopes but not especially encouraged LYDIA - to MASLOV.
a debut of the young Czech director Svateka (Dan Svatek) " Is given; Damned (Zatraceni) too to high hopes does not give rise. Very much all it is similar to imitation the Americans let even not worst: not without reason Svatek trained at Bryan De Palmy (Brian De Palma). 20 - the summer Czech tourist catch at the airport of Bandung with four kgs of heroin and put for 50 years in the Indonesian prison. Before arrest he has time to send the stepbrother of the video film, testifying that the local drug mafia has forced it to transport drugs, and friends have substituted. The brother sits in the lonely hut, smokes one for another and tries to get out the relative from - for lattices by means of the Internet, phone and the videorecorder. At this time security guards scoff over guilty though guiltless, beat, put in a punishment cell, the Czech authorities keep indifferently and drag vanku, the actor playing sideltsa, does the most pity person and causes almost present compassion. But is closer to the end it is found out that the guy bears the deserved punishment as carried heroin absolutely voluntary, and history with a drug mafia dramatized and has removed on a videocamera as an excuse just in case. So damned incapable to carry away, manage all - taki to cause in the spectator small surprise. Finished shooting by a hand-held camera in a fashionable manner of Dogma documentary shots appear fiction, a forgery, and the film about injustice and an arbitrariness turns around instructive history of type the Drug trafficker should be imprisoned and by the end in it starts to appear through even something buddistskoe: what difference where to stay years of the life - in a hut with the Internet or in prison with rats?
from severe Asia where with a personal freedom pressures, we move to liberal Europe with its supernatural tolerance to trick of the separate person. Films such, as the Danish picture All head over heels (En kort en lang), desperately does not suffice in the film festival program love Faces with their inveterate homophobia. The plot consists that one gay to own surprise starts to change to the boy friend with the wife of his brother. In a photo in the catalogue director Hella Joof (Hella Joof) it is represented as the naughty young woman of the attractive Black exterior very corresponding to this thoughtless and carefree cinema, made with the big sympathy for gays (at all their inconstancy and comical affectedness), and also with full misunderstanding of a difference between raznopoloj and unisex love. Differences of this, probably, do not exist, as well as sexual orientation is only social convention. Such is the unique sensible thought which is found out in silly enough female film in which ending two muzhiks in obnimku go on a game, illuminated by the sunset sun.
in Phillip Yankovsky`s picture In movement the horse too bears essential metaphorical loading - on it the girl at the sight of whom the hero in the ending understands that veins incorrectly sits. The hero, the fashionable yellow journalist, irresistible Konstantin Habensky plays. It removes any compromising evidences from a balloon, someone bangs on a mow, then someone beats to it a muzzle in a toilet... All this dolce vita the episode filled symbolical sense comes to an end: the hero runs from a head in a train tail to meet eyes the young horsewoman - actress Oksana Akinshinoj symbolising, probably, any lost freshness. Unfortunately, in hands it does not have gun with which it so dexterously coped Sisters and in a film In movement could stop senseless existence of the hero by one well-aimed shot. in movement - cinema not that that bad or boring, and any missing, full, mazhorskoe, removed by the person who has got used since the childhood to receive on a saucer of possibility of which others and do not dream. For example, possibility to express by means of a screen - though to tell - that, in effect, nothing. However, if the cinema would be removed only by those who can state original ideas, this branch of show - business quickly would decay and to spend film festivals there would be be no need.