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The American auditors have got under supervision

the audit market
the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA (SEC) has made decision to create body on supervision of activity of the auditor companies. However this initiative yet has not found support at the American senators. In their opinion, plan SEC guarantees occurrence new Enron .
As reports Bloomberg, the plan of creation of the body supervising auditors (Public Accountability Board - PAB), has been prepared by head SEC Harvi Pitt (Harvey Pitt) and is supported by committee-men. Now it should pass a stage of public discussion.
into structure of new body will enter nine persons. Among them will be three practising bookkeepers who cannot participate in acceptance of disciplinary decisions. On a constant basis in supervising body the chairman and its assistant will work only. Development and installation of standards for the auditor industry will be the primary goal of new structure. Besides, PAB will annually check activity of 10 largest American auditor groups and times in three years - the small auditor companies.
public discussion of these offers will last two months. After this term SEC or will create new body, or will make to the change plan. But while this plan has not found understanding at the American senators.
he/she is a toothless tiger, - head of the senatorial majority the democrat Tom Deshl (Tom Daschle) has declared. - If it is everything that we intend to make, new Enron is almost guaranteed . However in protection of the plan Harvi Pitt has declared: It is not state structure, and teeth at it is, because it will be supervised by us. Besides it will cost nothing to tax bearers .
the professor of Stanford University Karen Nelson (Caren Nelson) adheres to Opposite opinion. Here all not so is simple. Harvi Pitt more likely simply tries to make impression that he tries for the sake of investors - he has noted. The discontent with plans of creation of new institute was expressed also by the American federation on protection of the rights of investors. According to its representatives, initiative SEC practically differs nothing from already existing system of self-checking of auditor branch. As a matter of fact, SEC only suggests to establish standards which are used by the American institute of the diplomaed bookkeepers.
if the new supervising body is engaged in obligatory introduction of standards which have been developed by branch its efforts are doomed to an inefficiency - the director of the American federation for protection of the rights of investors Barbara Rouper (Barbara Rouper) speaks.