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Practice shows that these noisy scandals come to an end with anything

In interview authoritative businessman SERGEY MIHAJLOV has declared that behind the next scandal with money-laundering costs to FBI which agents protect Europe from advancement of Russian capitals.
- your name was mentioned in connection with scandal with money-laundering of a so-called Russian mafia in Europe. Ostensibly arrested in Italy of Mafiosi Gaudentso Banolini has given polices of the evidence that it worked with Sergey Mihajlova, Victor Averin`s money and other authoritative businessmen.
- it is possible to write anything you like. But I in general doubt that someone could give such evidences. After known process in Switzerland we with Victor became not eligible to travel abroad. Us do not start up not only to Europe, in the countries of the Schengen contract, but also even to Africa. We with Averin do not have business in Italy.
- that is, with Banolini you had no affairs?
- had no.
- the Italian mass-media informed also that during special action the Web prominent representatives solntsevskoj groupings the brothers Igor and Oleg Berezovskys who were engaged in money-laundering have been arrested. You know them?
- I did not meet brothers Berezovskys and about their existence have learnt from your newspaper. As that solntsevskoj groupings do not exist. Anyway, there is no judgement in this respect. There are people who live in microdistrict Solntsevo, are on friendly terms and work together.
- In publications the sum of $3 was mentioned the Italian scandal mlrd, ostensibly washed by Russian in this country.
- I heard about three millions dollars. But the sums are really mentioned the wild. Theoretically all, of course, can be, but practice shows that these noisy scandals come to an end with anything. To take, for example, wash process, Alexander Tarantseva, Yury Yesin`s business (it was accused of racket and money-laundering. -) on which in the same Italy took place nearby 200 persons. As a result all have been justified!
- as you think, who can be interested in such Russian affairs?
- Russian enter the western market, gradually forcing out the western sharks, and they are afraid of it. Process in Switzerland has broken to me the transaction on $1 billion Contract as a result has got to the western companies. Legally to prove that that arrest has been connected with my business activity, I cannot - they there all are legally grounded. Aggression concerning Russian proceeds not from Europe, and from America which is not interested in that it had competitors in Europe. In latest scandal an information source became FBI. And, if again all breaks, the same FBI will translate arrows to Europe. They already have a similar experience. In general, Russian in all countries, incorporate!