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Bi the Line and MTS have overtaken Microsoft

Balance of profits of the technological world it is displaced on the east. Such conclusion follows from research BusinessWeek and agency Standard and Poor ` s, published on Monday a rating of the most successful IT - the companies. High places of the Russian operators Vympelcom and MTS - result not only their successes, but also pitiable position of the foreign camera companies.
Standard and Poors and BusinessWeek are divisions of group of companies McGraw - Hill. Their joint rating Info Tech 100/ 200 is published since 1998 on the basis of the analysis of financial indicators about 10 thousand public IT - the companies. Thus for participation in competition the companies with incomes of not less $300 million (such in the world for today it was typed all nearby 550), excepting the state monopolists are selected. Remained are ranged, proceeding from four indicators: Return on the action, return on a share capital, growth of incomes for a year and the aggregate profit (this indicator with factor 1,5).
second year Lasting here already successively recession in the American sector of high technologies should change balance of forces on world IT - arena. when four years ago we have developed rating Info Tech 100, we knew that it becomes a mirror for studying of evolution of the hi-tech industry. However we did not think that the image in this mirror will change so quickly and so strongly - writes BusinessWeek in introduction article to new research.
it is valid, who could think that the sixth place as a whole on a rating (and the first place in a nomination Telecommunications ) Will get small to world measures to the cellular operator Vympelcom - one year ago the company occupied the fortieth line. we have absolutely casually learnt about this joyful event, - confirms a press - the secretary ` Vympelcom ` Michael Umarov. - As a rule, the jury of any competitions, the same ` the Brand of year `, suggests to send application forms for participation, and Standard and Poors requested nothing . Eve Prokofiev, a press - the secretary of MTS (the company became 14 - j in the general list and 5 - j among communications service providers), considers that the high place of MTS in rating BusinessWeek is caused by a financial transparency of the company: this indicator helps analysts to understand better results of the company and to predict investments . Rather stable position Mobile Telesystems in a rating (last year the company was 19-) and a jump Vympelcom upwards Prokofiev`s madam explains so: MTS throughout many years shows EBITDA margin (volume of profit before depreciation charges, calculations on percent and payments of taxes. - ) over 45 %, it even has ceased to surprise analysts. At the same time ` the Vympelcom ` only left recently losses .
the Disposition of the Russian operators in rating BusinessWeek does not surprise, - the analyst ` considers Atona ` as Nadezhda Golubeva, - ` the Vympelcom ` still in the end of the last year managed to make break in the most profitable Moscow market. At the same time MTS continues to show confident movement in regions .