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Alexander Volynets

has died Alexander Volynets Has died. Our colleague, a companion, the person, is a lot of years worked in the Businessman and it is a lot of for it made. Its funeral yesterday has taken place.
Alexander was kommersantovtsem the first appeal - it has come to edition at a dawn of formation of the newspaper and has given it ten years of fair service. The graduate of economic faculty of the Moscow State University and the research assistant of scientific research institute of the State Planning Committee, it was vysokoerudirovannym the expert in the field of foreign trade activities. Was guilty not to use its knowledge, therefore the external economic problematics for a long time became the basic specialisation of Sashi. Equally well it went right to it as operative, field materials, and analytical articles which in the beginning 1990 - h were an original educational program under the external economic and customs legislation for only arising enterprise class. That is important, it possessed rare quality for the scientist - ability to write even about difficult without tediousness.
ability and Alexander`s experience appreciated not only we in edition. It was repeatedly awarded by diplomas of various journalistic competitions, became the winner of the award Trading - industrial chamber of Russia.
soon after leaving from in 2000 with Sashej there was a misfortune - it has appeared for a long time is confined to bed, then could not do without crutches. Unfortunately, since then illnesses pursued it, but it never lost presence of mind.
he was 52 years old. We bring condolences to the father, the family, friends.