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Uproar with participation of Kiry Muratovoj

festival cinema

On Saturday in the Petersburg palace of youth has come to the end the Fifth international festival of independent and low budget cinema the Brawler - a film. Pure dreams .
the Anniversary festival becomes crisis for its founder Alexander Bashirova. Not because the holiday is not has gone right, absolutely on the contrary. But its unexpected professional growth has come to the contradiction with primary image of a cheerful party of radicals from all ends of Europe unessential and semidrunk.
anywhere do not share and, it is necessary to hope, picturesque characters of type similar to Fantomasa sinefila, successfully trying (with a cry " will not get to; I the Kuban Cossack! ) To give to drink vusmert participants festa cognac. But when at an evening concert the Humming-bird you see among dancing young growth Kiru Muratovu which have nestled on a scene and stuck greedy professional sight in soloist Elena Judanovu, you understand that the festival should justify trust which has rendered it the classic of world cinema, having given for a prepremiere the latest film Chekhovian motives .
Renata Litvinova became the Second star which has confirmed the new status of festival, arrived all at some o`clock to present a film of Belief Sentry the Sky. The plane. The girl - the variation written by it on a theme of the play of Edward Radzinsky Once again about love . The film has opened unexpected madam Litvinovu. Stewardess Lara played by it, like it is habitual strange - strange, mad - mad, lovely - the darling From time to time removes a mask and there is simple, tired, almost factory little girl, which a rough scarf as to the person, as well as a skilful make-up.
the jury led by the editor-in-chief of magazine Premiere Alexander Kulish has divided gran - at between latvijsko - Estonian Kind hands (Labas Rokas) Petera Simma (Peeter Simm) (they managed a prize for the best soundtrack), charming history of the young thief among provincial chudikov and Slogans (Les Slogans) Albanian Ulieta Alichki (Uliet Alichka), in 50 years told in a debut film as at a mode of Hodzhi raked over the coals to schoolboys and teachers, forcing to spread from stones huge slogans. Judging by that its heroes used this vacation that it is joyful to make love, rake over the coals to all and completely even in Albania it has not turned out.
the Prize for the contribution to motion picture arts was received by the godfather nekrorealizma Evgenie Jufit for the best film Killed by a lightning ). A prize for the graphic decision - Azerbaijanian Shamil Nadzhafzade for a decorative film Lejla and Medzhnun . A prize for the best work with nonprofessional actors - the prize-winner Riga the Arsenal Yanin Lapinskajte`s Lithuanian (Janina Lapinskaite) for surrealistic farm tragedy Life of Venetsiusa and Caesar`s death (Venecijus ` s life and the death of Cezar). And Gosha Kutsenko should believe that its best role not the brutal antikiller, and a victim of existential absurdity from Alexander Shejna`s film the Amalgamator .