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The Russian grain competitors

have bought the foodstuffs

In October Russia has broken a record of export of the grain, established, however, it last month. By estimates of a group of companies JUnidel for export for last month it has been sent 1,8 million tons of grain.
to number of big exporters of grain Russia since 1917 did not belong. On the contrary, grain was bought in Tehasshchine and Arizonshchine. Last two bumper-crop years have changed all. vitse - prime minister Alexey Gordeyev even suggested to help this year to Canada where there was a poor harvest. But Canadians had enough stocks. Nevertheless the Russian grain was bought by Italy, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Morocco, Holland and Finland.
delivery of first 9,6 thousand tons of fodder wheat to France which itself sold earlier this grain in the European market became news of the Russian grain export in October. Except France, Iraq, Romania and Sweden became new buyers of the Russian grain in October. In general as have counted up in a group of companies JUnidel in October from 1,8 million tons of grain it has been exported 1,4 thousand tons (78,8 %) wheat, 373,3 thousand tons (20,9 %) barley and 4,59 thousand tons (0,3 %) food rye. In total in 2002, according to experts, Russia can export to 12 million tons.
yesterday there was one more potential buyer of grain: the Brazilian association of millers has informed that has signed the agreement on intention to buy 500 tons of Russian wheat. However, earlier same agreement has been signed and with Ukraine. To Ukrainians Brazilians too promised to buy a half-million of tons of grain. Now they are going to choose one seller, and only on the terms of barter. Brazil is going to exchange wheat for beef.