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MTS and Bi the Line the largest operators of the Russian market of mobile communication - " have converged on a TV screen

a competition

more year; Vympelcom and Mobile telesystems - (MTS) wage advertising war. They do not hesitate to parody commercials each other and openly to point out the defects to a network of competitors. Experts of advertising believe that in the polemic of MTS and Vympelcom have gone too far.

competitors on rest
Mobile telesystems and Vympelcom the advertising struggle not only for the client, but also against each other. A roller Bi the Line With the account is perfectly in order (with football players whom on a board have dumped ten hammered balls) had the purpose spozitsionirovatsja by contradiction that is to specify in a lack of a competing network and to underline absence of similar defect in a network Bi the Line . The American advertisement makers name such type of advertising komparativnoj, that is comparative. Such weapon quite often use against each other Coca - Cola and PepsiCo. However classics of an advertising urge to observe an immutable rule: the present leader of the market never looks back at its other participants, differently in the opinion of the ordinary consumer it will fall to their level. Therefore experts in marketing advise to address to komparativnoj to advertising to the second numbers . However, in a case with Bi the Line and MTS to define, who the first, difficult. On sales in Moscow a year is in the lead Vympelcom and superiority by quantity of subscribers in Russia continue to keep Mobile telesystems .
Last summer on TV channels and radio stations especially intense advertising polemic between MTS and " was developed; Bi the Line . It has begun with a roller Day of the tinman In which Bi the Line advertised the new tariff plan - 500 minutes of conversation for $50. The driver sharply braked before the board, into it ran the Gazelle . On the screen there was a repair truck where the mechanic complained to the colleague that they have not time to cope with flow of clients.
reaction Mobile telesystems which actively advertised at this time the new tariff Summer has not kept itself waiting long. The known director Yury Grymov removing rollers for MTS, has laid bilajnovskogo the mechanic before doors of a recent repair truck. The mechanic it is sweet slept, and the voice-over informed: Competitors have a rest. The tariff summer .
from MTS other commercial " has undergone to Derision also; Bi the Line - in what the seller of sausage department in reply to the request to weigh gramme three hundred - four hundred sausages demanded from the customer to tell Precisely, how many to hang up in grammes . After its exit of MTS has started on radio reciprocal advertising quality Full of holes : the seller asked to weigh cheese, and he in the answer was interested, whether to hang up holes together with cheese or separately .

Who of whom
Bi the Line has ignored advertising attacks of the competitor. we believe that advertising not the most suitable field for polemic of any sort, and we consider steps such inefficient, - the head of service of marketing communications ` Vympelcom ` Anton Mironov speaks. - such polemic does not solve any marketing problems .
Thus ` Mobile telesystems ` strike serious blow on to themselves. A roller ` Competitors have a rest ` they actually recognised that in the field of marketing in the cellular communication market there was an obvious leader, - the head of company D ` Arcy (does advertising ` by Bi of the Line `) Sergey Koptev considers. - Until recently ` Vympelcom ` and MTS competed actually as equals. Now advertising strategy ` Mobile telesystems ` began to bear a strong resemblance to that experts in marketing name ` attack to the leader ` .
Meanwhile in Mobile telesystems assure that rollers Competitors have a rest and quality Full of holes only answers to earlier attacks from outside Vympelcom . Our competitors have lifted the business in Moscow far not without the aid of an anti-advertising in which they specified in imaginary lacks of MTS, - confirm in a press - MTS service. - all our rollers which can be mentioned in a context of advertising war, always were the answer to certain steps of competitors .
Such steps, according to MTS, Vympelcom has made enough. So, radio rollers quality Full of holes In opinion a press - MTS services, have been provoked by quite concrete advertising campaign Vympelcom . In the middle of August Mobile telesystems have begun advertising of the new tariff plan 1000 for $100 . it is Literally in two weeks after our advertising campaign started, ` the Vympelcom ` has hung up in streets of Moscow of an extension on which it has been written: ` did not wait? ` 1000 for $100 ` Bi the Line `, - tells a press - the secretary of MTS Eve Prokofiev. - thus within the limits of our plan ` 1000 for $100 ` entering calls from subscribers of MTS were free. So actually the subscriber received 1,5 thousand minutes of communication for the hundred dollars. At ` Bi of the Line ` it was not. It turned out that the competitor has thrown out a substitute of our tariff plan on the market. We have considered necessary to inform this information to the consumer .

the Winner do not judge
In the USA for a long time already the advertising wars similar burst between leaders of the Russian market of cellular communication storm. The American legislation supposes use in instructions commercials on concrete brands and trade marks. It is considered that it promotes competition development. The Russian laws on lacks of these or those goods of the concrete competitor do not welcome direct references. It is possible to speak only ambages: without a mention of the name of the competitor but so that all it was clear about what there is a speech. The rollers breaking this rule, can be considered as inadequate advertising which is treated by the law as one of unfair competition forms. depending on the maintenance of the advertising information or the form of its giving advertising can be estimated as unfair, doubtful or unethical, - the director of the Center of legal support of advertising activity Vadim Nechuj - the Wind speaks. - In such cases federal antimonopoly body - the Ministry of an antimonopoly policy (MAP.-) is obliged to stop the facts of its distribution .
MAP, however, to interfere with discussion of cellular operators does not hurry up. in this case, to bring action upon occurrence of inadequate advertising, in our department the affected party should address, - have declared to the correspondent in department of control of observance of the legislation on advertising MAP. - While such statements to us did not arrive .

Prospects for the future
` Vympelcom ` it is obvious not sacred, it too supposes criticism to the competitor. However the advertising consumer had now a sensation that are lifted up ` Mobile telesystems `: ` the Line ` points Bi out the defects competitors, and MTS parodies advertising of competitors - the creative director of advertising agency " is assured; the Smart kommunikejshn Ivan Chimburov (its company serves a brand Bi + ) .
it is curious that the author of rollers for MTS Yury Grymov agrees with opinion of competitors of MTS. I was the opponent of occurrence of a roller ` Competitors have a rest ` on air. It seemed to me that it is not so correct - he has declared to the correspondent. According to mister Grymov, idea of creation of a roller Competitors have a rest belonged to marketing service of MTS.
the one who dares to let out frankly komparativnyj a commercial, it appears in a role catching up, - the head of advertising company BBDO Igor Lutts considers. - After all the spectator not only reads out that is told to it, but to it still remind advertising of the competitor. Similar guerrilla war is capable to bring defined imidzhevye dividends of the small company which thus will try to catch up with the frank leader of the market as in this case it will maintain its popularity in the purposes. To use this tactics for the leader to me it seems ineffective .
From the point of view of strategic interests of MTS, a roller ` Competitors have a rest ` has not told to the consumer of anything the goods new about advantages, - Alexey Kovylov, the regional operating director of advertising agency Grey Worldwide believes. Is there was purely tactical advertising which is quite admissible for the decision of short-term problems and updating of a current break-even sales level .
MTS Advertising campaign causes recently much more questions, than that does ` Vympelcom `, - Igor Lutts is assured. - I do not understand till now, that want in MTS: or it is frank vkusovshchina, or I am simple not in a condition to understand their logic. In my opinion, scale grymovskie rollers about ` to MTS command ` are badly combined with all these having a rest competitors. On - to mine, this certificate of extreme inconsistency and indistinctness imidzhevoj positions ` Mobile telesystems ` .
Advertising experts reproach with absence of the thought over advertising strategy not only MTS, but also Vympelcom . As that, and other company has not formulated till now steady image recognised by the consumer, and their advertising has till now only tactical character, in a greater degree reflecting only rivalry in sphere of tariffs - Alexey Kovylov believes.