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Do not call to me, do not call

the Cellular telephone can really destroy your private life. But only if you want it. The history which has happened with my friend convinces of it - we name its Sergey .

I Tell from its words. Not so long ago in behaviour girl - friend Sergey there were strange changes. It vanished for days, disconnected a mobile phone, often faded in prostration with a wandering smile on lips. The young man was overcome by suspicions. Long meditations on an unpleasant theme have led to the decision to get into private life of the girl.
Sergey has presented favourite a mobile phone, having registered it on itself ( Give, I will pay for your phone. I do not want, that you considered roubles, talking to me ) . Month has patiently waited, has requested from the operator detailed elaboration of the account and has with a sinking heart gone deep into studying of a piece of paper.
indeed: lately the girl has spent about hundred conversations with the owner of one importunately repeating unfamiliar number. Calls on suspicious number left on seven times for an evening - well not in ZHEK after all she called with such persistence? Besides, passionless accounts department Bi the Line has registered nearby 70 SMS, directed all to the same addressee.
languid for excitement by fingers Sergey has dialled enemy number. The man`s voice has answered. Sergey has hung up.
Pometavshis about half an hour on office, unfortunate enamoured nevertheless has got up courage, has called once again, it was presented and has demanded explanations. It is possible to transfer the dialogue which has followed further unless expressive means of an opera. If in brief: consisting in relations with Sergey, the girl had in parallel love affairs with other worthy representative of middle class. And parallel the young man too has been assured that it unique and unique.
having talked to half an hour on the raised tones, the deceived lovers have reconciled: Neither you, nor I in what are not guilty, women fool us, as always . To the artful maiden it has been refused continuation of relations. It, of course, convinces Sergey not to trust the contender supposedly we with it simply communicated because of the general interests. But my friend is assured that the cellular accounts department specifies on bolshee. Has disconnected phone, drinks the bitter.
it would not be desirable to finish a remark on the tragical note. I will tell more positive news. Not so long ago I too have left the girl, but some time have not been assured of correctness of this decision. As - that in the evening, having drunk pair of wine-glasses, I have typed not bleshchushchy originality SMS: Perhaps we will make a fresh start? (in more details about drunk messages see in a material Short text troubles On this page). It was necessary such to happen that number of this girl in a notebook of my phone has been placed near to number of another were girl - friend which we have left two years ago! More shortly, you have guessed: the finger has trembled, figures have floated before eyes, and the pathetic text has been directed this lady from whom we have not exchanged a sight already since spring of 2000.
is not present, while we with it have not made a fresh start. But it was found out that recently both of us have replaced a residence and now we live literally in the next houses. Now we visit to each other, we stir behind a cup of tea. Perhaps there will be something bolshee. In a notebook of phone I just in case have carried numbers of two mentioned women far away.