Rus News Journal

The highlight of the program

Today 19. 00 the Main plot - double act of terrorism in Kenya. A genre - the reporting. Intonation - tragical. The leader marks: citizens of Israel were the purpose of terrorists. The journalist confirms: rockets fire the plane of Israeli company Arkia; in city centre the jeep with an explosive has driven in gate of hotel belonging to the Israeli, tourists from Israel have as a result suffered. The smoking hotel is shown, eyewitnesses remember the happened. The author of a plot underlines that experts agree in opinion about participation in acts of terrorism Al - Kaidy though much speaks against this version.
to conduct 20. 00 the Main plot - Vladimir Putin`s meeting with representatives of public organisations of invalids. A genre - the reporting. Intonation - excited. The fragment of the statement of the head of the state is shown: the Society is estimated as democratic how concerns invalids. At us in this sense it is necessary to make " more many;. The basic theme of conversation, the journalist informs, there was a ruin of the enterprises where invalids work, from - for absence of tax privileges. A conclusion of the correspondent: the Main good news of a meeting - the president has already charged to the Ministry of Finance to reconsider privileges under taxes .
Time 21. 00 the Main plot - the Antiisraeli acts of terrorism in Kenya and in the Near East. A genre - the reporting. Intonation - disturbing. It is told about bombardment of the Israeli plane and hotel explosion in Kenya, it is informed on the next act of terrorism of the Palestinian extremists in Israel. The ambassador of the Russian Federation in Kenya by phone tells that among victims there are no Russian citizens. The event makes comments from studio in Jerusalem vitse - the prime minister of Israel Natan Scharansky: We - Israel, America and Russia - are on one party of barricades. The terror infrastructure should be destroyed .