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The world celebrates on November, 29th

the International day of anything - not - pokupanija. if you are covered by horror at one only thoughts on standing in infinite turns behind gifts by New year and Christmas, this holiday - for you. While shops endure peak of sales, you presume to remain to yourselves of the house. This holiday has been thought up by organisation Media Foundation from Vancouver (Canada) 11 years ago. Every year the number of its participants increases. Celebratory actions are spent now more than in 30 countries of the world, and everyone offers the witty ideas. For example, in some countries people with huge, but empty bags wander on streets among crowd of the buyers bent under weight of holiday purchases which have ceased to deliver for a long time already sincere pleasure, and have turned to an annual duty. Some owners of shops this day open the institutions, but expose nothing on counters. Organizers of a holiday hang out the posters calling buyers to come to the senses at least per day in large shopping centres. In some countries near the big shops participants of actions offer services in destruction of credit cards. It is possible to see this day and kostjumirovannye the dramatized representations, which participants show to passers-by as it would be possible to spend this day, having refused circulation on shops, for example, in the bosom of the family, among friends, and not spent money to give to welfare fund. Organizers of a holiday aspire to show to all people that to what really it is necessary to aspire - love, friendship, freedom, - it is impossible to buy.