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an observer
Contemporary history does not know examples of that on inner-party elections with participation of the national leader any other candidate would win. Simply because let well alone and horses on a crossing do not change. So in Ariel Sharon`s victory on elections in Likude very few people doubted. Even thus that to it resisted eks - prime minister Binjamin Netanjahu whom many in party idolise. And as to predict an outcome of elections to the Israeli observers it was boring, all were set by other, much more intriguing question: how there will be mutual relations between two old foes after Ariel Sharon will lead party and the government?
one say that after inner-party and parliamentary elections at Sharon hands will be untied. Now to it 74 years - mean, upon termination of one more premerskogo term will knock 78. It will be time to leave on rest. And time so it will be especially possible not to worry about the reputation in party and to give vent to feelings, having humiliated and having crushed the contender. On recent partkonferentsii Sharon has promised that if he wins, Netanjahu becomes the person #2 in party hierarchy. Many have interpreted it as intention to appoint eks - a premiere on a post of the Minister for Foreign Affairs in the new government. But Sharon did not give such guarantees. And now he can theoretically offer the contender, for example, a portfolio of the minister of tourism. From such a gift netanjahu for certain will refuse. The following course eks - a premiere is so obvious: becoming the deputy of the Knesseth, it will start to knock together inner-party opposition and at any opportunity to attack the operating prime minister. Sharon, probably, also will resist, but blood to it will spoil it fairly.
However, in the history there were examples when leaders appointed to key posts of the worst enemies, - as US president Lindon Johnson who has given a post of the head of FBI Edgaru to Hoover. To Johnson attribute words: it Let will be better in our tent and goes to be wetted outside, than will come and be wetted in tent .
In Sharon`s environment understand that, becoming the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Netanjahu will work on own reputation - so that for certain to win following elections. Thus attacks to the prime minister to it will not bring special dividends. He can earn points only diplomatic fulfilments for the blessing of Israel. Possibilities for this purpose at it are: well-known that it the Israeli politician most popular in the USA and as anybody another is able to find common language with the American political establishment. And the USA for Israel - the main partner.
thus Binjamin Netanjahu`s successes in a diplomatic field to Sharon are not terrible. On the contrary, they only will strengthen positions of the government headed by it. And from that, work of all office will be how much successful, depends what trace will be left in the history by prime minister Ariel Sharon.
it is not known only that it will win: thirst to sweep or reasons of political expediency.