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Gran - at on figure skating in Luzniki

21 - on November, 24th on Small sports arena Luzniki will pass the fifth stage of a series of Gran - at on figure skating. The strongest figure skaters of the world will take part in it. Practice of last years when similar competitions were spent in the Ice palace of sports Sokolniki has shown that its tribunes are too small to contain all interested persons.

even leaving after the Olympic Games of many recognised masters has not weakened spectator interest to this sport. However, many names of participants Russian Cup on - former force to tremble hearts of fans with the experience. It is enough to name at least eks - the world champion and the silver prize-winner of the Olympic games Evgenie Pljushchenko or vitse - champions of the Olympic Games odinochnitsy Irina Slutsky and dancers Irina Lobachevoj and Ilya Averbuha, and also eks - world champions in Maria Petrovoj`s pair figure skating and Alexey Tikhonov that long before the beginning of the Moscow stage of Gran - at in cash desks does not remain any ticket. Though also a rising star American Sasha Cohen whom already now designate a gold medal of the Olympic Games - 2006 in Turin, - the bait from the category most that on is the delicious.
Evgenie Pljushchenko intends to give again battle to all contenders. The figure skater has finished work on two new programs: short, on music the Adagio Albinoni, and any - on Igor Korneljuka`s music.
the Moscow stage of Gran - at for Irina Slutsky, Petrov`s pairs - Tikhonov and Lobachyov - Averbuh becomes One of the first first attempts at writing in a season. The last declared this season the last in amateur career and Threatened to make the new dances, and especially any Fate - n - a beater it is simple - taki shock.
but if for the Russian duet last tour at 18 - the summer American of the Odessa origin Sashi Cohen, on the contrary, is all bases for many long years not to become simple the leader in female single driving, and unique begins. Its first performance in Russia at a stage of Gran - at in St.-Petersburg has made two years ago effect of the broken off bomb. The Russian journalists, taking in a dense ring Sashu knowing on - russki all some words, and her mother Galina - the Ukrainian emigrant, still then inspired to both that the young figure skater waits Olympic gold . Now, when Cohen has passed in group Tjatjany Tarasovoj, this prediction began to get real outlines. The American, having kept a youthful open manner of driving, has found already completely not children`s power. At times it seems that it even advances and without that fast rate of music underneath, making progress in a course to do as the most complicated jumps and dizzy paths and - lja Jagudin, and fantastic rotations with vertically lifted foot.
on ice Luzniki spectators will see as well other remarkable figure skaters, including odinochnikov Victoria Volchkovu and Alexander Abta, masters of pair figure skating of Chineses of Sju Chen and Chzhao Honbo and Frenchmen of Saru Abitbol and Stefana Bernadi, dancers Tatyana Navku and Roman Kostomarov, and also many talented debutants.