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Putin has sent Jakovlevu valentinku

Valentina Matvienko`s Appointment to a post of the plenipotentiary in Severo - the Western district means that Vladimir Putin`s almost seven-year opposition and the governor of St.-Petersburg Vladimir Jakovleva approaches end of career of the last.

              In 1996 Vladimir Putin had in St.-Petersburg practically an absolute power. It was the first vitse - the mayor without which resolution mayor Anatoly Sobchak did not sign almost any document. For its eyes named grey cardinal Smolnogo. All have confused elections. In the summer of 1996 Sobchak, despite all administrative resource, has conceded in the second round to the former assistant Vladimir Jakovlevu to 1,7 %.
the defeat Reasons were called different. Spoke, for example, that for Jakovlevym stand general Korzhakov and the Moscow money that it is supported by local authoritative businessmen that Sobchak behaved too independently in relation to the Kremlin. Said and that PR managers of Jakovleva have clean changed assistants to Sobchaka led by Vladimir Putin (it together with Alexey Kudrin headed a pre-election staff of Sobchaka) which have been absolutely assured of a victory and conducted campaign too easy. And when have thought suddenly, was late.
It is known that Jakovlev soon after a victory on elections met Putin and suggested it to remain in Smolnom, but that has refused. In full conformity with the promise which was given by Anatoly Sobchaka`s all members of the cabinet shortly before elections. Sobchak on farewell the press - conferences has regarded actions of Jakovleva as a stab in the back and Putin simply named it iudushkoj.

Putin and Jakovlev did not meet until when Vladimir Putin became the prime minister - the minister. Having received summer of 1999 the status of the successor of Boris Yeltsin and practically an absolute power, Putin has started to prepare at once a revenge.
22 - on May, 23rd, 1999 in St.-Petersburg has passed constituent congress of governor`s movement All Russia created to elections in the State Duma. 600 delegates participated in action in the Taurian palace, approximately as much visitors and more than 200 journalists almost. The congress direct transmission went by city radio and television (the planned programs have cancelled). There were magnificent dinners and receptions, night teplohodnye excursions, visiting of the Hermitage and Russian museum. Trains from foreign cars with the governmental numbers were built in turn, visitors had a rest in the luxurious rooms of the hotel Baltic .
Soon after congress the deputy of Legislative Assembly of a city Alexander ShChelkanov has directed to governor Vladimir Jakovlevu inquiry with the request to explain, from what sources the congress organisation was financed. From Smolnogo two answers have come. One the organizer of congress vitse - governor Valery Malyshev (nowadays the dead) has signed, the second - Vladimir Jakovlev. Their texts coincided: Constituent congress of movement - significant event in political life of Russia... To Petersburg the big responsibility has dropped out to accept delegates of congress... Its financing was carried out not at the expense of the budget... without having satisfied with answers from Smolnogo, deputy ShChelkanov has addressed in Office of Public Prosecutor, asserting that the governor covers the information on congress financing in this connection there are suspicions in abusings.
in the autumn, just after Vladimir Putin`s appointment as the prime minister, the Municipal Departments of Internal Affairs were connected to business and OBEP. And in the beginning of December, 1999 criminal case upon forging of documents has been brought: as it was found out, financing All Russia went through certain firm VMTS which has appeared it is registered under the passports lost by two young men - Stepan Molodtsovym and Alexander Serjakovym. Through VMTS only on payment of hotel accommodation of participants of congress has passed about $70 thousand According to the investigation, a part from them budgetary funds. Vladimir Jakovlev has commented on this information as follows: Same it is necessary to guess that money for such congress go through any dark firm! nevertheless it became clear that has put here dirty, and it was necessary to search for the guilty. By it has been appointed vitse - governor Malyshev. To cover with its immunity, Malysheva have for a while sent in the State Duma under lists of movement of OVR.
Vladimir Jakovlev has understood at once, than coming to power in Vladimir Putin`s country threatens it, and has decided to make secure. In the autumn of 1999 Smolnyj has decided to transfer elections since May, 2000 for December 1999 - go, having combined them with the Duma. Calculation was obvious: the Petersburg town governor wanted to be re-elected for new term while Putin has not saved up sufficient resources for struggle against it. It was clear that on a short pre-election distance anybody to compete to operating governor cannot. With the big scandal and improbable quantity of intrigues Petersburg deputies have passed the law on carrying over of elections. However the Supreme court of the Russian Federation is literally one week prior to elections this decision has cancelled, and voting date was again displaced for May. JAkovlev has there and then declared that to it all the same as he will win elections - though in December though in May.
and left. Governor Jakovlev had very high rating in a city, and worthy contenders were not. Jakovlevu Sergey Stepashin could make a real competition, but he has refused to participate in elections. And then have remembered Valentine Matvienko, whose Komsomol youth has passed in a city on Neva. Having got of personal support by then already of the extremely popular Vladimir Putin, vitse - prime minister Matvienko has arrived to Petersburg and has declared before television cameras that has arrived to a city of the youth, counting exclusively on a victory.
however Vladimir Jakovleva`s rating fluctuated around 70 %, and Matvienko`s madam - 2 %. For one and a half month of pre-election struggle the difference was reduced slightly. It became clear that deafening defeat to which confidently went vitse - the prime minister, will inevitably strike on Vladimir Putin`s image: Valentina Matvienko at any convenient and inconvenient case let know, who stands up for her back. JAkovlev reacted to an event absolutely easy and showed full confidence of the forces. Some weeks prior to Valentine Matvienko`s elections has refused participation in them and has returned to Moscow. And Vladimir Jakovlev has without effort won a victory in the first round.
In some weeks, in May, the presidential plane flying to Murmansk, has stopped off at Pulkovo. JAkovleva have caused in the airport, and the president talked to it some hours directly aboard. On available information, Vladimir Putin has put Jakovlevu two severe constraints. In - the first, it should get rid of the most corrupted officials in the administration. In - the second to guarantee inviolability of the people working in a pre-election staff of Matvienko. People from Matvienko`s staff really did not touch, however to arrange zachistku administrations Jakovlev did not become. And then for it it was made by others.

in Severo - the Western district Vladimir Putin has appointed the plenipotentiary the skilled security officer and the old friend of general Victor Cherkesova. Circassians has led in the city of Jakovleva it is underlined independently. Practically without communicating with the governor, he to itself(himself) has found residence, having moved from an ancient private residence Wedding palace and having ignored the indignant performances of the public and administration. In coordination with the Kremlin has typed to itself the device - basically from agents of national security. Has instantly adjusted work with the press, the blessing wife Cherkesova Natalia Chaplin - the known journalist in Petersburg. On the plenipotentiary local branch VGTRK, news agency " at once have become isolated; Rosbalt (the head - Natalia Chaplin), the newspaper the Petersburg rush hour (the editor-in-chief - Natalia Chaplin), association of mass-media of Severo - the West.
these mass media (in particular, Rosbalt ) The first gave the exclusive information on criminal cases which one behind another began to be raised against officials from an environment of Jakovleva. Under a consequence there were four vitse - the governor (Valery Malyshev, Alexander Potekhin, Anatoly Kagan and Victor Krotov) and one chairman of committee (Valentine Mettus). Two More vitse - the governor (Victor Jatsuba and Yury Antonov) have left city administration - on them was enough compromising evidence. Practically in all cases criminal cases were raised by the law-enforcement structures focused on plenipotentiary representation, - management of the State Office of Public Prosecutor in Severo - the Western district and a brigade of investigatory committee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
however all it has not broken the governor. Making comments on a situation, Jakovlev persistently repeated: the Consequence in all will understand . In the meantime in a city regularly there were hearings that has put here - here will get on the governor if it disagrees on the offer of the Kremlin and will not retire in exchange for one of posts offered to it. Told that about vitse - premerstve, about a management of one of the State Committees, about diplomatic work. However Jakovlev voluntary has refused to retire.
moreover as it became clear in 2002, Jakovlev, without paying any attention to every possible hints of the Kremlin, was going to reserve an armchair of the governor for one term. Even in the summer he has let know that if townspeople will choose it, it is ready to supervise over a city and the third term successively. Soon after that in ustavnyj the city court has arrived inquiry of the head of municipal union poljustrovo Andrey Zhabreva in whom that was interested, whether Jakovlev has the right to stand for the third term.
the Majority of observers has been convinced that the inquiry was initiated by city administration. After all the federal legislation allowed Vladimir Jakovlevu to stand for new term. The problem was in 40 - j to article of the charter of St.-Petersburg which forbade the same person to stand in town governors of more than two consecutive times. As mister Jakovlev already was selected twice - in 1996 and 2000, - from the point of view of the city charter, to stand in governors to it it is impossible more. All, however, have been assured that ustavnyj the court will not go against the governor.
but in the beginning of October the court has taken out the verdict which has strictly forbidden to it to go for the third term, and even in the event that the Legislative Assembly will cancel restriction. That in this business has not done without plenipotentiary representation, it became clear, when campaign for elections of deputies of Legislative Assembly of St.-Petersburg has begun: Andrey Zhabrev, before to nobody known, has appeared in so-called cherkesovskom the list of the candidates supported by plenipotentiary representation.
elections in Legislative Assembly were for plenipotentiary representation action not less responsible, than activity investigation vitse - governors or maintenance of the necessary decision of authorised court. After all if the governor managed to spend to city parliament the majority of the supporters, it would have a real chance to clean from the city charter restriction on two governor`s terms (for it should vote more than 2/ 3 deputies). And then the town governor quite could challenge and the decision of authorised court: after all the Constitutional court of the Russian Federation has accurately defined that if the organic law of the subject of the Russian Federation does not contain restrictions on the moment of elections head of this subject has the right to stand for the third term.
therefore election campaign passed under Victor Cherkesova`s vigilant control. Certainly, directly to interfere with a course of campaign to plenipotentiary representation it was inconvenient: there always publicly declared that politicians avoid. Therefore the new mechanism of influence - a network of public receptions " has been invented; Dialogue . In a city it has been organised about such 40 receptions, having come in which Petersburgers could complain of city officials and ask the help. At first interest to to Dialogue representatives of municipal authority showed generally. But is closer to elections in chapters of receptions deputies of the second convocation of the parliament were pulled, dreaming to be selected again. Candidates have quickly estimated this propaganda resource for conducting the election campaign, which possibility in process of approach of day of voting (on December, 8th, 2002) considerably amplified.
one week prior to the election day Dialogue has arranged grandiose presentation of the program Tomorrow of Petersburg . Action passed at the big confluence of local establishment. The plenipotentiary, truth, was not, having referred on unexpected circumstances but to all present have distributed beautiful booklets with its personal greeting. On this action the pre-election list of plenipotentiary representation became known. In it there were nearby 30 persons - all heads of receptions Dialogue .
After elections of parliament about any Tomorrow of Petersburg anybody in a city did not remember. Have curtailed the activity and dialogues . And though half from heads of receptions became legislators only, it has sufficed for the decision of problems facing plenipotentiary representation.
Employees of mister Cherkesova, in particular the main federal inspector across Petersburg Nikolay Vinnichenko, from first days of work gorsobranija the third convocation densely communicated with deputies, and not only from the list, but also with simply in opposition adjusted in relation to Smolnomu.
As a result Vladimir Jakovleva`s who has united in the block " the supporters; the Uniform city have received in the Petersburg Legislative Assembly of all third of voices. It does not give them possibility not only to make changes to the city charter, but also to receive in city parliament how many - nibud significant posts.

it would Seem, it would be possible to put a fat end to it in Vladimir Jakovleva`s governor`s career. Nevertheless it is similar, in its Kremlin all the same are afraid. The rating of the governor on - former is high enough (approximately 30 %), and it in any quality will be capable to make serious impact on an election campaign course.
For this reason now Putin has thrown new forces in fight, having appointed the plenipotentiary in Severo - the Western district Valentina Matvienko. Apparently, the armchair of the plenipotentiary should become for it a launching pad for participation in elections of the governor. A case in the newest Russian history the unprecedented: the Kremlin endows vitse - the prime minister, creating it optimum conditions for service in Petersburg.
however, in Petersburg also other scenario of succession of events now is actively discussed. After celebrating 300 - letija results of numerous checks of Audit Chamber, Gosstroy, Crewe of the Ministry of Finance will be published. These materials will be enough that the governor and its environment have resignedly left Smolnyj at own will . In this case plenipotentiary Matvienko will be the guarantor of stability in a city for anarchy. And further there are two possibilities: or it will go on elections itself, or the Kremlin will propose the new candidate who while is in a shade.
However, voluntary retirements of Jakovleva wait so a long time that last scenario looks not too realistic. It is much more probable that like town governor already written off from all accounts will give last battle to the fellow countrymen who have got over from the second capital in first. However now an outcome of this fight to foresee easy.