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The factory of skeletons

At each Russian school is the skeleton in a case. Representations of pupils about an origin of this visual aid are rather indistinct. In ten years after leaving school correspondent Roman Ovchinnikov has personally familiarised with production, having found out that the unique enterprise in the country on manufacturing of skeletons of Open Society medius settles down in St.-Petersburg and even is going to invest in the modernisation $1,5 million From the moment of creation in 1934 factory medius is a monopolist in the market of manufacture of manuals and medical training apparatus. In the beginning 1990 - h years the enterprise nearly did not become the bankrupt. But in 1997 it had new proprietors. They have adjusted release of training apparatus on rendering of the first medical aid. Them buy not only medical institutions, but also collection services, the security enterprises, the Russian Open Society UES of Russia and etc. Now training apparatus occupy to 45 % of all volume of output of factory, a bone - about 20 %. The basic sales have for August - December.
one Petersburg skeleton consists of more than 200 stones. For economy of plastic the model is issued undersized - 1,65 m. Total amount of manufacture of the enterprise - about 300 skeletons in a month on 6,7 thousand roubles for a piece. It is possible to get a set of bones in a box, it is possible - the collected skeleton on a roller support. Thus the cheapest western samples stand an order of $300. Last year the enterprise gain has made 70 million roubles. Therefore in 2003 - m medius intend to direct on modernisation old and purchase of the new equipment about $1,5 million Among new models which the factory, in particular, intends to master a skeleton of a rabbit, a folding skull and a folding torso of the person. A skeleton of a rabbit - a subject of pride of the director of the enterprise Sergey Vasileva. We long searched the big sample. It was possible to make, of course, and a cat. But after all schoolboys could have a temptation - to check up, how there all actually - it has explained to the correspondent.
completely the reporting from factory read in the nearest issue of the magazine Money .