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In St.-Petersburg Marina Ladynina - the actress who was the favourite heroine of director Ivan Pyreva and a symbol of cinema of a Stalin epoch has died.

Marina Ladynina has played all dozen roles, but unique from all actresses five times has been awarded the Stalin award. 95 years of her life share on two almost equal parts, each of them could lay down in a basis of the Hollywood blockbuster.
a part the first - a fantastic ascension to tops of glory of the Cinderella who were born in an illiterate country family in village Nazarovo near of Achinsk. Involuntarily there is a desire to try to discover a destiny label in stages of its biography. Still the child she has stepped on the stage for the first time elabuzhskogo theatre where the role of Spring has played in children`s performance. After years Marina Ladynina becomes on a screen a symbol Stalin spring - Blossoming youth which is not present barriers either on the sea, or on a land. Having gone to Moscow under the Komsomol permit on the third shelf of a car with reserved seats, it has from the first arrived in GITIS (the selection committee has noted its special endowments). The direct road conducts it in MKhAT, already court theatre. Deserved Maxim Gorkogo`s praise, treated kindly by three-hour conversation with Stanislavsky, Ladynina leaves MKhAT in 1935 only to subdue the next top.
at first creative, and then and the family duet with all-powerful and ruthless Ivan Pyrevym to actors has made Ladyninu the prima donna of the Soviet cinema. Unlike juicy Ljubovi Orlovoj simulated on the Hollywood samples (to hairdresses and which dresses of Ladynina innocently envied) it was, probably, most perfect embodiment on the screen of the ideal Soviet girl. Collective farmer Marinka ( the Rich bride 1937), traktoristka Marjana Bazhan ( Tractor operators 1939), pig-tender Glasha Novikova ( the Pig-tender and the shepherd 1941), zenitchitsa Cooking Pankova ( At six o`clock in the evening after war 1944), Natasha Malinin ( the Legend on the earth Siberian 1947), the chairman of collective farm Galina Peresvetova ( the Kuban Cossacks 1950) remind if to speak about depth of images, a photo from an honour roll. But even the primitive dramatic art of films about struggle good with the best does not cancel that fact that Marina Ladynina was the born movie star in international understanding of this word.
in cloudless first half of life there are fogs. In interview she deafly mentioned that leaving from MHATa has been connected at all with transition at cinema, and that took away it on Lubjanku, and before a meeting with Pyrevym she was engaged in that put performances in a mug of servants. Contrary to career reasons of the husband - courtier Ladynina rescued letters and parcels of the script writer of Arcady Dobrovolsky thrown in camp, has forbidden the house to great director Mark Donsky for its anticosmopolitan passion peculiar and Pyrevu. And then in the middle of 1950 - h as cut off. It seems, its incorrectness was the reason of divorce with Pyrevym. But it is symbolical, what exactly with the end of a Stalin epoch the duet which has sung of it has broken up.
and here the second saga about Ladyninoj - decades of stay in a shade, comparable on the internal dramatic nature unless with Grety Garbo`s who have thrown a cinema silence begins. It anywhere did not take. Traktoristka and the pig-tender goes on the country with concerts on which reads Tsvetaeva`s verses and Narbuta, Khodasevich and Baudelaire, sings songs on Robert Burns`s verses. The queen of the screen modestly works at Theatre - film actor studios, whence it in the beginning 1990 - h dismiss with the humiliating formulation For a prorumble without a good reason . In 1998 Marina Ladynina has won a prize Nika in a nomination For honour and advantage . Certainly, this formulation approached it better, than to somebody.

the Moved values
the Key from a bedroom
Eldar Ryazanov has transferred George Fejdo`s play on the Russian screens. On a press - the conference which have taken place after a premiere of the film the Key from a bedroom on March, 12th, the director has told that has shot an elegant picture which became instinctive reaction to that horror and a dirt which are created now on the screen . For this purpose, truth, the text of Fejdo which has seemed to Ryazanov very weak it was necessary to correct. And it is considerable enough: Picture action is developed now not in France, and in Petersburg of a silver age. Therefore, obviously, Ryazanov had to include in a film romances on verses Ahmatovoj, the Block and the Northerner music to which has written Andrey Petrov. The picture in stylistics of mute cinema is made and applies for ease of a vaudevillian genre. Jokes, truth, have turned out a little obscene - basically on an underwear theme. Characteristic episodes: Natalia Schukin on all fours and in a translucent shirt bandages the wounded husband; Nikolay Fomenko the naked goes on station, covering shame with the newspaper. So transferring of action to Russia the beginnings of the last century to the play of Fejdo on advantage obviously not tritely: the French ease in Ryazanov`s processing has turned back some clumsiness of execution.

the Curiosity
Rembrandt has masked under the Russian aristocrat
last week auction house Sotheby ` s declared the decision to sell Rembrandt`s recently found out self-portrait. The Dutch who has made about 40 self-portraits, has written this picture in 1634 - to that moment 28 - the summer artist lived in Amsterdam and just married. However soon after that Rembrandt Govert Flink`s pupil has changed a portrait. The image have dressed in a fur fur coat and a cap and have sold to any Russian nobleman. The expert of the auction house Alex Bell has explained that a picture, obviously, it was not possible to sell quickly in an original form - therefore it and have altered. Under the name the Portrait of the Russian aristocrat Flinka the picture within 300 years travelled from one private collection to another.

              Until in 1960 - h in a head to the father of the present owner of a self-portrait the question has not crept in: whether instead of Rembrandt it? From a picture have scratched out a cap - it has appeared that under it the beret is drawn. In 1980 - h restorers have gone further and have found out moustaches in a picture. And at last in 1999 - m have sent a cloth on an identification in an Amsterdam museum Rembrandt`s House . In the beginning of this year from a museum the sensational answer has been received: the picture really belongs to a brush of the great Dutch. The present owner has there and then decided it to sell. Now Rembrandt has appeared on a portrait in an original form, and the picture waits for July sale - the tentative estimation makes about $8 million In the antiquarian market the price Russian Rembrandt can reach to $30 million

the Cultural revolution
the Liturgy became a mystery
Composer Alexey Rybnikov has shown at theatre at a concert hall Academic new performance the Mystery announced . More precisely, under the name the Liturgy announced this performance has been put for the first time ten years ago, and now restored. In the beginning 90 - h it was on - to the present unusual gesture: at 2 o`clock scenic time 20 texts, from the Bible to protopriest Avvakuma, from a Mahabharata to Dostoevsky are squeezed. The basic maintenance of statement in which Rybnikov has acted not only the composer, but also the author of the libretto, the director and the set designer, - spiritual travel of the modern person to paradise and a hell. The protagonist - convict Danilov, a generalised character of the talented people who have accepted martyr death. Global experience of mankind Rybnikov informs to spectators, having fallen down in one heap a realm of shadows from a Sumer cuneiform writing, bible Heavenly Jerusalem and mystical discernments of Russian poets - symbolists. So liked to put during reorganisation time. Then, of course, there were no modern light contrasts and audioeffects like noise, scratches and howling, actively presented on a scene. Now, truth, old revolutionism as - that has become boring and it would be desirable to see on a scene something more usual.