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“ Come one, without protection “

last week in Europe there was the loudest political crime since murder of Swedish prime minister Ulofa to the Palm tree in 1986. The prime minister of Serbia by Zoran Dzhindzhich, played a key role in falling of a mode of Slobadan Milosevic is killed. The main accused is already known is a former commander of special troops of secret police of Milosevic on a nickname of Legija. It should kill Dzhindzhicha two more and a half a year back.

              on October, 4th, 2000 in 17. 50 on the Belgrad time the leader of Democratic opposition of Serbia (DOS) Zoran Dzhindzhich left from a staff - apartments of the party in the street Proletarian Brigades. In ten minutes at it very important meeting should take place. Prior to the beginning of revolution in Serbia which will come to the end with falling of a mode of Slobadan Milosevic, there were 12 hours. And on results of forthcoming Dzhindzhichu of a meeting depended, whether there will be a Serbian revolution velvet or bloody.
the Leader of the Serbian democrats went on a meeting with the commander well-known “ red berets “ - group on special operations (OSO) services of a state security of Serbia. By name of Milorada Lukovicha very few people knew, but all well knew its nickname - Legija. The day before he has called Zoranu Dzhindzhichu and has suggested to meet. “ tomorrow in 18. 00. Admirala Geprata street, - on - to the military man Legija has short told. Also has added: - Come one, without protection “.
Dzhindzhich knew that, accepting conditions of Legii, he strongly risks. Many years Legija was one of Milosevic`s the nearest colleagues. By request of a mode its people carried out many delicate commissions - and during wars in Bosnia and Croatia, and more recently in Kosovo. And in the Serbia many guessed that the wave which has swept on republic of political murders - a handwork “ red berets “.

But Dzhindzhich all - taki has decided to meet Legiej. He has seen an armour jeep of commander OSO at once. In a shade of going out of doors old buildings there were people of Legii. Villages Dzhindzhich in a jeep, and they slowly began to travel about on the centre of Belgrad.
- it will be terrible, - Legija at once has told. - severe orders, including on concrete people are given Us.
- it is clear, - Dzhindzhich has answered, trying to keep as it is possible more confidently though understood that last phrase of Legii has a direct bearing on it. - that to us will order to do?
- do not shoot at police, do not storm barracks. Then also my children remain in camp.
- it is good, we will not be.
remembering many months after that conversation, Dzhindzhich will tell: “ I most of all then was afraid ` of red berets `. They could shed blood like water. And when I have learnt that they will stand aside and will not interfere, at me the stone from heart has fallen “. Then Legija has not executed the main order: to liquidate in case of need leaders DOS, and first of all Zorana Dzhindzhicha whom are knew all - was a brain of preparing October revolution.
the order has been executed through two and a half a year. From Admirala Geprata street where Legija met the leader of DOS Dzhindzhichem on October, 4th, 2000, to an office input in a building of the government of Serbia where prime minister Dzhindzhich has been struck by bullets of snipers on March, 12th, 2003, - only hundred metres.

on cooperation with the leader of democratic opposition of Legija went, certainly, not from the big love to democrats. And it hardly could accept such decision itself. The head of service of a state security of Rade Markovich was its immediate superior then. However, as knowing people said, the real head of secret police of Serbia there was Jovitsa Stanishich dismissed for couple of years before by Milosevic on an insisting of his wife Miry Markovich. Legija and Stanishich perfectly understood that the mode is doomed. And to die together with it it it would not be desirable.
Here then, probably, at them the idea also was born in advance to come into contact to leaders DOS and to agree. After all modes change, and special services remain, and professionals are necessary to any power. They counted that in exchange for non-interference to a course of October revolution democrats when will come to power, not begin to touch them. And the main thing - will give the chance to be engaged in in what they were engaged at Milosevic: to supervise illegal deliveries of the various goods which bring considerable money.
though any guarantees the Serbian democrats “ to professionals from special services “ did not give, at first after coming to power them did not touch. And be grateful for it they should first of all to the president of Yugoslavia of that time to Voislavu Koshtunitse. Within several months after falling of the former mode of Koshtunitsa for not clear reasons for democrats opposed dismissals of Rade Markovicha, last chief of secret police Milosevic, - this time has sufficed head GB to destroy confidential files of the former mode. Has not undergone almost any changes and structure of a management of service of military safety - there there were Milosevic`s many people. Jovitsu Stanishicha too did not disturb. And Legija has lost the post of the commander “ red berets “ only after has made serious fight at restaurant. And all of them continued to be engaged in the business.
Legija, for example, became the informal leader zemunskoj (under the name of suburb of Belgrad to Zemuna) groupings. vitse - the prime minister of Serbia Hot Kovach last week has informed: “ Zemunsky grouping - it is probable, the most organised gang on the Balkans, owning in millions the euro, having at the order of professional killers, sources of the information, judges “.
On a hand “ were “ there was that two years of board of democrats practically entirely have left on opposition of two key politicians in their numbers - prime minister Dzhindzhicha supporting radical lomku heritages of a mode of Milosevic, and president Koshtunitsy who braked reforms.
this opposition has come to the end only in February of this year - with an unequivocal victory of Dzhindzhicha. Together with abolition of Union republic of Yugoslavia has left from political arena and its president Koshtunitsa. A power paralysis in Serbia any more was not. And Zoran Dzhindzhich undertook the decision of actual problems. Struggle against the organised crime appeared one of the first affairs in the list of the prime minister. As it became known “ the Authorities “ At the initiative of Dzhindzhicha of the power of Serbia prepared not simply for arrest of members of mafia structures, but also to delivery of some of them (first of all Legii), and also Jovitsy Stanishicha to the Hague tribunal. And “ were “ seemingly, too have decided to operate.
the first attempt at Zorana Dzhindzhicha on February, 21st has been made. The Serbian prime minister by miracle has avoided  destruction after on a motorway Belgrad - airport Surchin its train suddenly cut the huge truck. Only thanks to skill of the driver of the prime minister it was possible to avoid collision which for certain would end tragically. Dzhindzhich has got off with small bruises. Already after initial investigation the Serbian police qualified incident as attempt.
in the circles close to the government of Serbia, “ the Authorities “ have informed that after that incident of premieres and some members of its office received anonymous messages with liquidation threats - if the authorities do not stop struggle against the organised crime. But the prime minister has not given in on threats.
moreover, last two weeks of the power of Serbia led by Dzhindzhichem actively prepared for drawing of solving blow on criminal structures. The special public prosecutor on struggle against the organised crime, its first problem has been appointed arrest of leaders " was; zemuntsev “. Operation on their detention should begin on March, 12th in the evening. Fatal shots in Zorana Dzhindzhicha have sounded in midday of the same day.

murder of the prime minister has not cancelled operation of the Serbian police. Last week some honeycombs of members of criminal groupings have been arrested. Under guards Jovitsa Stanishich with the former commander of special antiterrorist division Frenki Simatovichem are taken also.
After these arrests in Serbia have started talking that the authorities intend to adhere firmly to a course of the lost prime minister on struggle against the organised crime and a heritage of a former mode. Calculation of organizers of murder of Zorana Dzhindzhicha that without it the power will not dare at radical measures, has not justified.
however, other choice at the Serbian democrats, seemingly, is not present. The government of Serbia last week has declared that murder of Dzhindzhicha “ was attempt to cause in republic chaos, anarchy and fear “. For what it was necessary for organizers of murder, has explained vitse - the prime minister of Serbia Hot Kovach: “ destabilization of the country and carrying out of new elections was Their purpose. They waited that to the power so-called patriots who with the big respect will concern their former merits " will come;.
Though Legija the main order, the prime minister of Serbia also has executed Zoran Dzhindzhich all - taki it has changed. Let and at the cost of the life.