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All tests on a visit will be to us

last week in Copenhagen has been signed World antidopingovyj the code. Struggle against the forbidden preparations becomes total. To the Russian sports the new code hardly will bring advantage, but for certain will bring benefit.

              Struggle against a dope in sports is conducted from the middle 60 - h years, however its uniform rules, as a matter of fact, till now was not. There was a list of the forbidden preparations and rehabilitation techniques which was updated periodically by medical board of the International Olympic committee (IOC). But it was not obligatory to execution. The federations which are responsible for various sports, had possibility to adapt it at own discretion. And, as a rule, they excluded from it those medicines which were accepted by the majority of representatives of the given sport. There was no also a uniform practice of punishments. Skiers for a dope disqualified for two years. Bicyclists - for six months. Our swimmers - sinhronistok before the Olympic Games in Sydney disqualified for three months - that could take part in competitions. But now volnitsa has come to an end
All maintenance 36 - the page code prepared World antidopingovym by the agency (WADA), to tell there is no sense. We will stop on key points.
in - the first, it is established uniform antidopingovyj regulations - the obligatory list for all sports federations of the forbidden preparations and uniform terms of punishments. Both that and another is toughened. The list of preparations from 300 names is much longer than any, when - or existing. All has entered into it - from banal steroids to the gene dope which existence in general is not proved till now. And punishments are that: disqualification for two years for the first infringement, lifelong - for the second (it is natural, in both cases - with deprivation of all won awards). However, is in the code and absolutely muffled point about exclusive conditions which can help to avoid to the guilty athlete sanctions. In what exclusiveness of these circumstances should consist, is not specified, and this point now separately is finished by expert group.
in - the second, in antidopingovyj the code almost all sports federations and national Olympic committees are tired out. The country which has not signed it simply cannot send the sportsmen on the Olympic games (and also to accept in the territory many international competitions), and the refused federation - will lose on the Olympic Games of the sport.
In - the third, huge powers are received by the developer of the code - WADA. It has the right to check now any sportsmen at any moment - both at competitions, and on training gathering. (As it occurs in practice, the Russian biathlonist Pavel Rostovtsev whom on last Olympic Games for an hour before start have pulled out in laboratory perfectly knows and have taken away from a vein three test tubes of blood.) WADA will be engaged in accreditation antidopingovyh laboratories and to correct (a minimum of times in two years) the black list. The IOC, all states, federations and national Olympic committees are obliged to help WADA, including is material. The financing volume is not registered: it is told only that it should to be carried out moderately possibilities . But WADA which budget now makes $21 million (basically it fill up the IOC and national Olympic committees of the USA and the EU countries), will obviously grow rich.
the code will take effect, when all interested parties will formally approve it. A deadline for federations - the Athenian Olympic Games of 2004, for the states - winter Games in Turin in 2006. There is a natural question: what for interested parties have voluntary put a head in this loop?

one cannot say that nobody tried to avoid the general fate. For example, the president of the International union of bicyclists of Hejn Ferbrjuggen in a pointed manner has not arrived to Copenhagen - for the code one of its assistants voted. For bicyclists code introduction can be death similarly as in this sport a dope accept all. The authority of the most popular bicycle races Tour de France and Giro d ` Italia was and so is thoroughly undermined recent dopingovymi by scandals when the French police chased sportsmen and after stages arranged round-ups in hotel rooms (and racers and doctors of commands threw out from tablet and ampoule windows). And here to all misfortunes were added checking of WADA. The document Very was not pleasant to football players (strange point about exclusive conditions has been added on insisting FIFA), to boxers - to professionals and representatives of North American professional leagues. Representatives of the last in general have refused to sign something, and them WADA and the IOC cannot affect.
is, however, and return examples. Some sports by means of WADA obviously expect to join the Olympic family. What for to the grand master to observe an interdiction for the use of steroids pumping up muscular weight, do not know neither in the International chess federation, nor in the IOC, in most WADA. But Kirsan Ilyumzhinov has signed the document and by that has doomed Harry Kasparov and Vladimir Kramnik to delivery of analyses. But the chance that chess will be included into the program of the Olympic games (and will receive a share from the budget the IOC), has essentially increased. Especially if any obstinate kind is excluded from the Olympic Games.
but the main reason of tractability podpisantov that to the majority of them simply is no place to disappear. Commercial appeal of the majority of sports, minus several which are capable to live independently, directly depends on their participation in the Olympic Games. Budgetary financing too - the Olympic committee of any country gives much more money for the Olympic sport, than on not Olympic. And to federations, which between the Olympic Games live from hand to mouth (such three quarters), it was possible to offer though the Stalin plan of collectivisation - from a lack of money they would sign also them.

not a secret that war with a dope in modern sports so ungrateful employment, as struggle against opium smoking in Afghanistan: results usually do not stand the spent means. In some sports, like a bicycle, skis or any of atletik, a dope accept all all or nearly so. To catch all infringers - means to leave the world without professional bicyclists, skiers, athletes and weight-lifters. In other kinds, like chess or, for example, table tennis, the dope is absolutely not necessary. But now any grand master should be careful to accept not those drops from a cold (efedrin) or to drink some superfluous cups of coffee where caffeine, as it is known, contains.
absurdity of this situation perfectly realise both heads WADA, and sportsmen. Both those and others perceive it as a reality as in sports practice struggle against a dope turns to fascinating game under the name whom will catch on the following time . Zakladyvanie competitors and otmazyvanie the sportsmen becomes indispensable attribute of competitions in dopingovyh sports. The axiomatic case has happened on the Seoul Olympic Games of 1988: the Bulgarian weight-lifters then intended to deceive a dope - control - they have injected into a bladder fresh urine with the help katetera. Dodge was broken by one of members of a national team of the USSR, zapershis in a unique toilet in medical laboratory. Bulgarians suffered five hours, then have not sustained and have removed the command from the Olympic games.
new functions WADA give new possibilities in this game. For example, already now fine communications of the well-known Norwegian skier Bente Skari which father - Odd Martinsen - heads technical committee WADA, allow it to beat out from competitions of dangerous competitors. Now influence WADA will extend, will increase staff, and in a similar way can arrive and other sportsmen. Including representatives of Russia - after all head Goskomsporta of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Fetisov especially agitated for code signing.

the matter is that Russia which is not member WADA, has received now chance in due course to enter into agency - that is to pass from the category of the checking checked in the category. For this purpose only it is necessary to reconstruct Moscow antidopingovuju laboratory which has been constructed to the Olympic Games of 1980, since then strongly obsolete and has lost accreditation. The question price - about $2 million (re-equipment and licensing WADA cost), and at Vyacheslav Fetisova`s department is quite good chances to receive under this budgetary financing.

as at all desire run with test tubes for sportsmen of whole world WADA cannot, this function will be transferred here to such regional laboratories. In the world hardly ten is more than them: basically in the USA, the Western Europe, Japan and China. Opening of such laboratory in Moscow will mean that practically all a dope - tests of the Russian sportsmen who are on internal gathering, will be checked in it. And hardly the information though about one infringement will fall outside the limits Russia and will lead to disqualification of the infringer - the sportsman will simply hide and will not send on the international competitions. So Americans and Chineses arrive.
Besides, Russia can supervise competitors from the nearest regions which will send to Moscow the a dope - tests, moreover to pay for it money. To clients from Ukraine and Belarus, probably, will be favourable, however Russia will receive all information on pharmacological techniques of the contenders.