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the Story about the artificial person
Each Russian school has the skeleton in a case of a biological office. Representations of pupils about an origin of this visual aid are usually rather indistinct - despite theory studying about an origin of species. But hardly Russians to 16 - ti are visited by seditious thought that the skeleton can be artificial. In ten years after leaving school the correspondent Money Roman Ovchinnikov has personally familiarised with production, having found out that the unique enterprise in Russia on manufacturing of skeletons of Open Society medius settles down in St.-Petersburg.

the Heavy bone
This factory is in the centre of Petersburg. On street there is a school, behind it a children`s playground, and behind a children`s playground - an imperceptible four-storeyed building with a modest signboard ` Medius `. Manuals, medical training apparatus and simulators . The factory in 1934 is created (then it was called meduchposobie ) For equipment by manuals of schools and high schools of the USSR and from the moment of creation is a monopolist in the market of manufacture of these grants. Any time two more enterprises, but only in narrow spheres were engaged in similar activity. In - the first, in Odessa there was an enterprise for release of bones of the person. Now it is closed. On mediuse about the former competitors speak sceptically: Manufacture at them was bad - skeletons rough, bones heavy . And in Moscow there was a factory on manufacture of skeletons of animals, but too was ruined. Now in Russia some enterprises let out training apparatus of rendering of the first medical aid. But only medius produces all complex of production from grants on anatomy to medical training apparatus.
Soviet period on mediuse remember with affection. Ten thousand schools and hundred institutes every year bought the Leningrad production. In turn on products stood on a year. In the beginning 90 - h years budgetary financing was sharply reduced, and at mediusa there was a chance to repeat destiny of competitors. The enterprise nearly did not become the bankrupt. Directors changed one after another. All has changed with arrival in 1997 of new proprietors.

a rabbit full-scale
- Manufacture stood, communications with partners collapsed, not was sale, - the general director " tells; mediusa Sergey Vasilev. - And then the enterprise controlling interest was concentrated in the hands by some physical persons.
their names mister Vasilev has refused to name, but has told that manufacture of manuals is not specialisation of present proprietors: except mediusa they have business interests in other branches.
the head mediusa Vasileva in Petersburg to find difficultly. It has met me in an interval between business trip to Moscow and a trip to Ufa. We have begun conversation in a show room. Among product samples the employees who have come with check of tax police (the best demonstration of business activity of the enterprise, perhaps, and not to think up) worked.
- What production brings in the greatest income?
- first of all it is training apparatus of rendering of the first medical aid. In the first years they gave to 80 % of all incomes. Them buy not only medical institutions, but also collection services, the security enterprises, the Russian Open Society UES of Russia what for - that has bought. Only military men of anything do not take from us. Probably, on soldiers train.
now training apparatus occupy to 45 % of all volume of output of factory, a bone - about 20 %. Bones and training apparatus - the goods seasonal. The basic purchases have for August - December. Then go on recession.
the director of a secret does not do of incomes of manufacture of bones: this year have gained about 70 million rbl. And annually we double turns . For schools Sergey Vasilev estimates volume of the market of manuals in 200 - 300 million rbl. annually, and present equipment them of schools - in 20 %.
- As there is a working out of models?
- if it concerns schools, there is an educational standard. When in it introduce corrective amendments, we receive the task from secondary education Institute. Besides, we in contact to medical institutions and constantly correct the old workings out and we create the new. All time in work five - six products. Among new models, in particular, a skeleton of a rabbit and a folding skull. We prepare for release a folding torso of the person - from it it will be possible to take out heart, lungs, a stomach, an intestines...
a skeleton of a rabbit - a subject of pride of Sergey Vasileva: We long searched the big sample. It was possible to make, of course, and a cat. But after all it is a lot of cats, and schoolboys could have a temptation - to check up, how there all actually .

the List not a skull
enterprise Survey proceeds in a workshop of the main sculptor. Rufin Vasilyevich works at the enterprise of 45 years. With rare exception all models at factory - its work. When I have come into a workshop, it repaired the form for a training apparatus of statement of an enema - a such bum full-scale. By a trade Rufin Vasilyevich the sculptor, but as he speaks, was interested in anatomy always: I Remember, in the first ` honey ` for me have specially left the woman, that I poizuchal a spleen . So it also became the sculptor mediusa . By experience of Rufina of Vasilyevich, the most difficult - to make a skull of the person.
manufacturing techniques approximately following: akrilovaja plastic ( medius buys it in Ukraine) it is filled in in the metal form, some days occur polymerisation, then if it is necessary, bones dry, then smooth out and collect. By means of one form it is possible to make to thousand moulds. Then the form should be repaired or changed.
in assembly branch work price-work. Women work here basically. How many there is one operation - for example, on processing of one bone, working women could not tell. Easier with skulls: zachistka an integral skull there are 55 rbl., folding - 129 rbl. Tariffs have increased recently approximately in one and a half time.
for assemblage of skeletons on mediuse the separate highly skilled expert answers. The love of Nikolaevna works here 20 years. It bores through in hole bones, inserts connecting delays and collects skeletons. One Petersburg skeleton consists of more than 200 stones. The model is issued undersized - It is possible to do 1,65 m. and above, but at the expense of low growth plastic is saved, the director explains. The love of Nikolaevna receives for assemblage of a skeleton 140 rbl., 4 rbl. more - for a colouring of several bones of model in different colours.
- How many collect skeletons?
Ljubov Nikolaevna continues to work and during conversation with me:
- Ones and a half in day. Two days - three skeletons.
total amount of manufacture of the enterprise - about 300 skeletons in a month. The average price - 6,7 thousand rbl. It is possible to get a set of bones in a box, it is possible - the collected skeleton on a roller support. Thus the cheapest western samples stand $300. However, on mediuse assure that domestic skeletons are worse nothing, and on some parametres even it is better than the western analogues. For example, our skeleton very strong also is calculated that with it children can play.
we pass in branch where paint barelefnye models. Earlier at the enterprise did only volume models of human bodies, now it on change bas-reliefs have come. Payment besides the price-work. The bas-relief is estimated depending on complexity of a portrayal. So, the stomach of a ruminant costs 66 rbl., muscles - 83 rbl. A skin structure - 84 rbl., a general view of a liver, a kidney or a brush with nerves go on 30 rbl.
Raisa Nikolaevna by a trade the teacher, at the enterprise of 30 years. It paints difficult bas-reliefs. At me it worked over a micromacroscopical structure of a kidney (117 rbl.) . Such kidneys it does 12 for four days.
at last I come into shop on manufacturing of training apparatus of rendering of the first medical aid. The most simple training apparatus costs to 9 thousand the rbl., most expensive - 21 thousand rbl. Only 16 versions. All training apparatus are called Maxim . With the help Maxim it is possible to learn to do artificial breath, indirect massage of heart, to tie up (overlays are applied - simulators of various wounds) to check pulse and etc. Here the brigade works by a conveyor principle - the separate group solders microcircuits, prepares trunks, collects them and etc. On a wall the tablet where by a felt-tip pen it is written hangs: Goals - 75 .
I Ask the foreman:
- How many leaves time for one training apparatus?
that starts to consider:
- Sashka of day three works, then to Andrey gives... About hundred training apparatus a month it is done.
- and it is possible to look at result?
            - have late come - all is handed over already.