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Last roar of a fashion
Approach of spring is accompanied by revival on a commodity market for pets. The assortment of toys is updated, are recoloured in fashionable colours of a brush for care of wool, breed dog kombinezonchikov changes. However there were also present novelties, hitherto unprecedented the Russian dogs and cats. Which - were found out by the correspondent Money Sergey Golubtsov.

it would Seem to feeding News, difficultly to surprise owners of pets something newcomer. However, if attentively to study assortment of pet-shops (in Moscow in sale of accessories for animals purposefully is engaged no more than five companies; on hearing Artemis Danella Falkon ) Variety of the non-standard goods will be found out.
our best friends - cats and dogs - in a season spring - summer - 2003 have deserved the right exclusively to eat, sleep, and also to send other significant physiological requirements. Even such at first sight elementary utensils as the bowl for a forage, has undergone changes. To substitute under a muzzle of the favourite a primitive vessel with food - yesterday. Day today`s is defined by a fashion on nonconventional feeding troughs. A special glamour - a spring collection from firms Hagen (Germany). Habitual colouring, all the same chemically neutral material, but what technological decision! Actually the bowl is put not on a floor, not on a support in the form of a padded stool, and on the special pallet equipped with two niches under feeding troughs: one - for a dry feed, another - under water. That is ogolodavshee an animal, having snatched on long-awaited food, will drop sljuni and crumbs not on a parquet, and on surface specially taken away under them. Functionally and cheaply - about 350 rbl.
the Spring for dumb animals has appeared is red one more nou - hau from Hagen. These are autodrinking bowls with which help the cat or a dog can be for a long time relieved of uneasy thought: instead of whether has forgotten my dolt (in sense, the owner) to pour in a water bowl? The system borrowed, probably, at cowsheds and stables, represents two informed vessels - a drinking bowl and a bottle. In the first necessary level of a liquid is supported, and from the second it decreases strictly under physics laws. There was even a marching variant (250 rbl.) . If to the four-footed favourite will be impatient to drink where - nibud in the plane or at an exhibition - there are no problems: easy turn round an axis the case for a small bottle turns to elegant similarity misochki.

the Cat`s pleasures
In general, as to the every possible products, called to facilitate house life of animals serious manufacturers it is observed even less, than distributors. Production, for example, is presented to Russia from already mentioned Hagen, and also from Italian Ferplast. Also it is impossible to tell that the goods from Italy are worse. Yes, it approximately on third is cheaper, but at all to the detriment of quality. Simply apenninskie products are more conservative German where more the close attention is given design and functional improvements. A vivid example of avant-guard from Hagen - the cat`s toilet space 2200 rbl. It indeed reminds series Catdome in cost whether a helmet of the cosmonaut, whether a dome of base of earth dwellers on mislaid in the Installed planet. The dome reveals, when it is required to replace contents of the pallet or, for example, to take immoderately grown fat cat.
quite logical question: instead of whether to do without the roof, a usual box is easier? Designers in the answer on - nemetski pedantically list advantages of the closed rest room. It appears, cats and very much do not love rather constraining creations, when someone observes of interesting process from all points of view. Besides, a roof - an additional barrier to smells. By the way, the assortment napolnitelej from the beginning of year was considerably updated. Novelties, such as Vitakraft Compact Ultra (400 rbl. for 8 kg), made of superficial natural clay, at interaction with a waste of animal ability to live turn to lumps. To take them from the pallet, on sincere belief of manufacturers, it is a pleasure. Well and at last, if in apartment to make European-quality repair, having adjusted an interior to design space Series, a toilet, continuing to be the organic store, will be also an organic ornament of a premise.
in a nomination koshkin the house according to the chief of department of marketing of the company Artemis Olga Eskovoj, in a fashion the new line, capable to recover furniture any, even the most expensive apartment. All subjects - from actually small house to plank beds and small pillows - are executed from flax. Model Deluxe in cost 2300 rbl. Curiously is especially effective what to accustom a cat to a place it is not necessary. She willingly will take part in house warming. The matter is that manufacturers go on small cunning: process the cat`s rooms special aromatizatorami, involving their future owners. By the way, passion of cats and cats to natural sources of pleasure skilfully play the companies on manufacture of the cat`s forages, for short term seriously placing animals on any cat`s mint or the same valerian. What a nonsense It is used in each concrete forage, on packing do not write more often.
manufacturers have prepared a novelty which hitherto in Russia was not on sale for a summer season, - doors for cats and dogs of small breeds (this original design can be used and for the message with a balcony). At doors for people the aperture into which vertically swinging open door for animals is inserted is cut out. Under a draught it does not dangle thanking magnitikam. And here its cat can easily open to go to walk or, on the contrary, to return to the house. About a site of the favourite it is possible to learn on a bright suspension bracket by which the design is equipped. If a suspension bracket outside - the favourite on walk; if from within - it, accordingly, houses. Is at it and one more function. The gauge which is reading out the information from the chip, the animal attached to a collar is built in a suspension bracket. Thus, any extraneous animal, whether it be a rat or a neighbour`s cat - the boyfriend (if at you a cat), not in a condition to open a door. Only your four-footed tenant with own a key from the house can use this blessing of a civilisation in cost of $100.
And here the information from area of applied veterinary science. In Germany the first-ever cat`s hearing aid is designed. The titanic plate is implanted in an ear to an aged cat thanks to what that again hears mouse rustle. But about that, will cost how many the new device, about when it will appear on sale, yet it is not informed.

a prick
our roommates Second for number (excepting cockroaches) - dogs - are awarded by a collar not smaller attention. To small, but pleasant innovations can carry advanced portable containers - models Pet Cargo from Hagen and Atlas Deluxe from Ferplast. The first is equipped by the demountable handle which serves also as the container for a lead, a collar, a forage and etc., and also a bowl. At Atlas Deluxe this function is carried out by a stylish bag made of cloth which can be carried behind shoulders or pritorochit to a container end face. And containers happen any sizes - though under a lap dog, though under a mastiff. Last variant is supplied by wheels. In this case the product from Hagen is more expensive ferplastovskogo almost on an order: 6900 rbl. against 710 rbl.
do not cease to break some years spears in dispute on humanity of use of such means, as antibark an electronic fence and other assistants in the education which action is based on the weak electric category. Well, say, in any way it is impossible to disaccustom a dog to rummage in a dustbin. The owner attaches to a collar of the favourite the small condenser complete with mini - the receiver and in case of the dog disobedience presses the button on a charm - the transmitter. The current category forces a dog to jump aside with squeal from pomojnyh delicacies. However, there is a risk to spoil a dog for ever, if too often to use shokerom or to establish level of stimulation which will exceed threshold for the concrete individual.
in Russia to get an electronic collar it is problematic enough. Probably, management of the firms trading in the dog utensils and accessories, yet on the party of trainers - radicals. From foreign manufacturers here more or it was less considerably noted French Num ` axes France, and also American Tri - Tronics, T. D. Systems, Innofek and Dogtra.
the Disorder of the prices for electroshock collars is caused by range of reception of a signal, and also presence of additional functions. So, the cheapest, on $180 - 220 for the complete set (Innotek SD - 100A, Tri - Tronics Companion, etc.) Operate on distance 200 - 250 m, have to 15 levels of electrostimulation and function of giving of a sound signal as last prevention to a dog before an extreme measure. On other price pole - the professional equipment for trainers, for example model Tri - Tronics Pro 500XL the price about $600. It has 18 levels of capacity of the instant category and as much the long. Range of action - 1,5 km.
company Num ` axes France among the other offers models Canicalm, Canicalm Premium and Canifugue. The first is intended for fans unjustly polajat or povyt; the second limits freedom of moving of an animal (besides, it is not painless) to the programmed distance. Cost of similar products - $200 - 300.

illegally found
And at last deification of design thought - a novelty for which in Russian even names are not present. Something like the dog portable radio set. In an English variant the system is called Tracker. It represents a collar - the transmitter and a box - a radio receiver, being at the owner. An irreplaceable thing for hunters and it is simple fans of long walks with a dog. We will admit, husky has picked up a trail and has started to pursue an elk or a wild boar. It does it, as a rule, silently, barks only when will stop an animal, - can, for kilometre, and can, and for three from a start place. The owner who has lost a dog, includes the device and, turning about the axis, defines a direction in which the assistant (in this case the receiver has disappeared publishes sharp a pip - a pip and its display is shone red). On force of a signal and at some skill it is possible even to define approximately distance to an animal.
however summaries of manufacturers dazzle with errors. So, as one of them affirms that the steady signal is provided in radius full 12 miles in the areas similar to the Western Texas . I do not know, how there on Tehasshchine, and at us in meadows of the Ryazan region the machine is efficient only on distance to 4 km. In wood and that it is less. Besides, it is useless close LEP, and also on a frost. Well, and in Moscow suburbs the signal is suppressed simply by military men.
strictly speaking, operation trakerov in Russia it is forbidden. Working frequencies should be registered in Ministry of Communications, and the goods are certificated. Managers even large trading firms to contact this procedure do not want. But through the Internet there is an active trade. According to one of buyers, procedure of acquisition of the dog portable radio set with home delivery (model Maxima Duo Receiver from Supra, $889) has occupied three weeks. The American seller has warned about illegality of use of purchase in Russia - and has sold goods.