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Who in the market of all is more necessary
For the last half a year a situation on the Russian labour market practically has not changed. The personnel agiotage which was observed within all last year, was replaced by stable demand for experts, and deficiency of highly-skilled personnel on - former remains the defining factor of steady growth of their salary. Magazine Money represents a new rating of trades.

At whom growth is more
the Stable economic situation in the country and absence of the loud events capable in a root to change a picture which has developed on a labour market, have left without changes level of growth of a salary: on the average following the results of 2002 he has grown on 10 - 15 %. It is not excluded that during the current year this indicator will be exceeded. For example, in comparison with September of last year on some positions (the rating see) increase has appeared more considerable. Valery Poljakov, the general director of personnel agency the Metropolis : Now payment obviously surpasses pre-crisis level. Abnormal growth of salaries takes place - rate of their growth surpasses 4 - 5 - percentage growth of economy.
In a greater degree salary increase has concerned such popular positions, as managers on marketing and sales, experts in marketing (great demand for experts in marketing researches), experts in the finance and information technology.
fast and stable development of industrial sphere leads to a stable demand for managers, and change of level of payment of such positions as the director or the production manager, has made accordingly 15 % and 16 %.
Vladislav Sedlenek, the president of the company Triza Exclusive : Fortunately, stagnation of the Russian business in industrial sphere remained far back in the past. For the last half a year interest to professional managers - to organizers of business, enormous interest to managers, strategists, analysts has considerably increased. Technologists of food manufacturing enterprises use the big success.
With arrival on the Russian market of the western companies (an example can serve recently opened Auchan and Marktkauf) and active development of regional networks of a domestic retail by the increasing demand various experts in sales and business development use. Besides, the raised demand is noted on experts in sphere IT - experience and knowledge of information systems does their irreplaceable practically in any sphere of business, and in struggle for a place in market IT - technologies help the companies to optimise business - processes.
the majority rekrutingovyh the companies mark obvious overstocking of a labour market such before popular specialities, as lawyers and bookkeepers. As a result of their minimum salaries have gone down, and the companies - employers have declared requirement for more advanced personnel - for example, among lawyers professionals - foreign affairs specialists are more appreciated.
by data rekrutingovyh agencies, from the experts not presented in a rating special demand use: bank experts in client departments, experts in the field of insurance, technologists on manufacture, experts in sphere of restaurant business.

in struggle for the candidate
Even more often it is possible to observe now a situation when the company in struggle is ready to pay for the highly skilled expert to it almost any money. The companies are carried away peremanivaniem really valuable shots and do not stint offers, sometimes without paying attention to costs.
Valery Poljakov: Become aggravated competition compels the companies to buy high quality experts and to promise them high level of payment, thereby increasing the industrial costs and reducing profitability, after all return will come in some months. to Provide declared obviously high level not so it is simple also not all on forces. And still at the maximum rate, for example, at level $8 thousand company - the secondhand dealer can offer the director for marketing on 30 - 50 % more.
Michael Bogdanov, BLM Konsort : Struggle for the best people will be more and more rigid and strained. The companies understand that to take of an in the lead position or to be kept on it, it is necessary to involve the strongest employees capable seriously to develop business. Demand for them will grow, the companies in which these people work at present, will try to keep them, will buy up these people all more difficult.
It is not necessary to forget about requirements to candidates, and they have especially become tougher recently. According to experts of company Kelly Services, the company want to see only the candidates strictly corresponding to their requirements: experience in certain sphere of business, specialised education, conformity to style and culture of the company. It basically concerns an average and top layer and practically does not mention ordinary employees. However, tell, for example, that one large firm declared a set of the professional cleaners having experience with modern plastic surfaces.

The more valuably the employee, the more difficult the companies it to keep. And now more and more actual there are various compensatory packages. If earlier employers as side benefits used system of bonuses and encouragements now along with granting of the office car or a mobile phone to the employee can offer training at the expense of the company. Cases of payments of monetary indemnifications for the same services of mobile communication or gasoline, sometimes irrespective of car presence are frequent. Happens that, enticing the valuable expert, the company offers purchase or the soft loan on apartment or car acquisition, aspiring to adhere the employee to firm thereby.
Konstantin Volodin, the head of a direction of the company RKA - consulting : To social indemnifications were now added also additional possibility of visiting fitness - the centres, and free rest abroad. Sending employees of department in a tour, the company kills two hares: reduces costs on the organisation of mass action and lifts corporate spirit. Thus in the company with powerful sotspaketom salaries can be more low.

Under forecasts of the majority of experts rekrutingovyh the companies, as a whole on a labour market enough good situation is expected. The competition aggravation forces to give more attention to human resources. Valery Poljakov: Comprehension of value of the human capital conducts to growth of administrative culture of the companies. It, in turn, results not only in increase in expenses on rekrutingovye services, but also expenses on training and improvement of professional skill of own employees.
migration of experts from big cities in regions Will proceed, basically it concerns industrial sphere. Vladislav Sedlenek, Triza Exclusive : Frequently representatives of the large regional companies see support of the business only in the Muscovite - the professional. Muscovites thus can request salary level in ones and a half - two times above capital.
Valery Oskin, the co-ordinator of the company the International Personnel Alliance : Direction of migration now has a little changed: shots move after a monetary stream to cities where the economy revives. The most demanded there are managers, and then experts and the technologists, capable to adjust manufacture on perfect other, higher technological level, and such in regions it is not enough.

Explanatories to a rating of trades
the modified rating of trades is offered to your attention. Now heads and experts do not compete among themselves, and two categories in which the total point will be counted up make. Such change of a technique of calculations speaks first of all that experts always is required more than managers of the top echelon. That distribution was more uniform, the rating is presented in the form of two tables.

Table 1. 10 most popular chiefs

Table 2. 20 most popular experts