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the American has brought the penalty by the truck
in rather original way the head American geologo - prospecting firm " has executed the judgement; Lendtek Matthew Mokanik. At a rate of $1853,87 to which the company was sentenced by court, the respondent has paid the penalty coins advantage in 1 cent. To deliver this sum to the addressee, Mokaniku was necessary to employ the truck, electropenalties and four loaders as the gross weight of 185 thousand 387 coins packaged in 74 boxes, has made about semiton.
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During poll of 2 thousand workers of sphere of public health services and various officials it was found out that the majority considers that women consult with the work is better. On 11 from 14 criteria of an estimation of efficiency of the woman the best results, than men have shown, and in three remained are equal to them. Interrogated also have declared that women are able to appreciate and inspire the subordinates, know how to create a climate promoting their training and development. Nevertheless 90 % of the higher posts in the British business occupy men.
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Or, for example, that the main invention of mankind - a tooth-brush. These are results of annual research of perception of new technologies and the inventions, spent by Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 1042 adults and to 400 teenagers the following list has been offered: a tooth-brush, the car, the computer, a mobile phone and a microwave. Respondents should choose from it the most important for an everyday life the invention. The majority interrogated (42 % of adults and 34 % of schoolboys) have stopped the choice on a tooth-brush which invention carry to XV century. The car was preferred by 31 % of teenagers and 37 % of adults. Concerning three remained inventions of opinion have dispersed: adult Americans have considered the computer, a mobile phone and the microwave oven - the furnace equally important for life, and teenagers have preferred the computer. It is characteristic that in the previous research which purpose was to define the main invention of the XX-th century, the youth named the computer, and adults - an electronic stimulator of work of heart.
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Or, for example, that the last Christmas became the most joyful for English pets. Two thirds of owners of dogs and more than half of owners of cats has included the pupils in lists on gifts. 60 % of owners of pets have spent for gifts for the canine friends not less than 10 pounds, and 10 % of respondents have shown a bit of generosity on a gift in cost of 30 pounds. Thus 12 % have declared that have presented brothers smaller even more generously, than other relatives.
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