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Gangsters catch ever less

In Russia last two years falls raskryvaemost crimes. It recognised last week at coordination meeting of heads of federal law enforcement bodies the general public prosecutor of Russia Vladimir Ustinov. If till 2000 growth of indicators raskryvaemosti in 2001 raskryvaemost by all kinds of crimes has decreased to 70 %, and in 2002 - m - to 62,5 % was observed though also small, but nevertheless, he has informed. In 2002 manufacture on more than 1 million criminal cases has been suspended, and in 90 % of cases of business were closed in connection with impossibility to establish the guilty. As a result remained not opened more than 7 thousand premeditated murders, 39 thousand gone citizens are not found almost. “ hundred thousand criminals actually have left from justice “ - the public prosecutor has noticed. Also Vladimir Ustinov has informed about become frequent “ the facts of direct participation “ Law enforcement officers “ in crimes “ and also display from their party “ roughnesses, the scornful relation to people “.


the Flu epidemic has ended
the Flu epidemic in Moscow has come to the end, the main health officer of capital Nikolay Filatov has informed. As he said, in a city all restrictive measures are removed. According to capital Gossanepidnadzor, from March, 3 till March, 9th in a city it has been registered 78,4 thousand sick of a flu and ORVI. The indicator of disease among children and adults in comparison with the last week has decreased on 28,3 % and has made 908,7 persons on 100 thousand population that on 31 % below a settlement epidemic threshold.


Russia will have an investment rating
By 2005 a credit rating of Russia can be is raised to investment, has informed vitse - the prime minister and Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin, acting at the expanded session of board of the Ministry of Finance. As it is marked in materials of total board of the ministry, after increase in 2002 of long-term sovereign currency credit ratings of Russia on one step its rating for December, 2002 was all on two steps below investment level. According to representatives of the Ministry of Finance, it became result of positive tendencies in economic development of the country, continuation of growth of key macroeconomic indicators.


the Russian businessmen will receive the file on foreign partners
In Ministry of economic development and trade the black list of foreign importers is made. It was declared by the head of department of support of export of the ministry Vladimir Zingman. Acting on trading - Economic Council at Ministry of economic development and trade, mister Zingman has informed that on the instructions of the government the ministry has prepared an electronic database within the limits of state support of the Russian exporters. This electronic system which will be presented in the end of March, besides the review of the world markets included the data about the Russian representations abroad, about exhibitions and fairs, tenders, the analysis of the Russian and foreign legislation on foreign trade activities, examination of traffic walls.
Besides, the database of the Russian exporters and foreign importers is brought in system. On the basis of the information given by the countries - trading partners of Russia, had been made the list of importers with which the Russian companies are not recommended to co-operate. This database will be in the Internet in an easy approach. Vladimir Zingman has noticed also that traditionally trading partners of Russia are the countries with an astable economic and political situation. First of all it is the states Central and the Eastern Europe, Latin America and the CIS. In this connection the external economic cooperation with these countries bears not only commercial, but also political risks. Therefore Ministry of economic development and trade has developed and has brought system of insurance of political risks of the Russian exporters in the government.


For plagiarism will put
last week the State Duma has passed the law “ About modification of article 146 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation “. The law is directed on toughening of a criminal liability for infringement of the author`s and adjacent rights. In particular, assignment authorships (plagiarism) if this act has caused a large damage to the author or other legal owner, is punished by the penalty at the rate from 200 to 400 minimum wage rates or at a rate of a salary or other income condemned for the period from two about four months, or obligatory works for the term from 180 till 240 o`clock, or arrest for the term from three about six months. Illegal use of objects of the copyright or the adjacent rights, and also acquisition, storage and transportation of counterfeit copies of products or soundtracks with a view of the sale, made in the large size, are punished by the penalty at the rate from 200 to 400 minimum wage rates or at a rate of a salary or other income condemned for the period from two about four months, or obligatory works for the term from 180 till 240 o`clock, or imprisonment for the term up to two years.


Juice becomes purer
More than 20 state standards on test methods of juice, nectars and sokosoderzhashchih than the drinks harmonised with the European standards, are entered into Russia in 2000 - 2002, the chairman of Gosstandart of Russia Boris Alyoshin has informed. He has told that introduction of new standards on juice “ will provide standard base for elimination of realisation to consumers of forged production which still gets on the Russian market “. Falsification of drinks from natural raw materials brings to their manufacturers the huge not considered and tax-free profits. Therefore suppression of a fake of these products is, according to the chairman of Gosstandart of Russia, “ an important state problem “. Six state standards on juice, nectars and drinks now are developed for harmonisation of indicators of quality and safety of production with the international requirements. The first edition of standards is dispatched on a response to the interested organisations. Introduction of standards is planned for January, 1st, 2004.


In Moscow suburbs grants
In Moscow suburbs twice will grow the sizes of grants of pupils regional and municipal authorities are increased. Such decision was accepted last week at session of the government of Moscow Region. It is supposed to pay the raised grant since January, 1st, 2003. The base size of the new grant will make for pupils and students of an initial and average professional link 160 rbl. a month, for pupils and students from among children - orphans and children without parental support, 240 rbl. Students of high schools will receive 400 rbl. In a month, students from among children - orphans and without parental support, - 600 rbl. For post-graduate students the size of the grant will make 1000 rbl., for doktorantov - 2000 rbl. On increase in the sizes of grants in the area budget for 2003 are provided in addition about 78 million rbl.


by Etilirovannyj gasoline has died
federation Council last week has approved the law forbidding manufacture and a turn etilirovannogo of automobile gasoline in Russia. Earlier this law has been accepted by the State Duma. As the chairman of committee of Council of federation on a science, public health services and ecology Victor Shudigov has explained, the law provides an interdiction for manufacture and a turn etilirovannogo automobile gasoline in Russia since July, 1st, 2003 with a view of prevention of harmful influence of these raw materials on environment and health of the person.


the Army has reported for catching of addicts
In 2002 the invocatory commissions in Russia have revealed among recruits of 5 thousand HIV - infected and 19 thousand addicts. It was declared by the chairman central military - the medical commission of the Minister of Defence the general - the major of a health service Valery Kulikov. “ Following the results of invocatory campaigns in 2002 more than 200 thousand citizens have been released from an appeal on military service “ - the general has informed. He also has noticed that in 2002 from structure of armed forces has been dismissed more than 500 persons from a HIV - an infection, and also 144 addicts and the persons abusing narcotic substances.