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Main pepper the Vocalist of well-known group Red Hot Chili Peppers Anthony Kidis will tell juicy details
has signed the contract on the edition of the autobiography. The name for the future book is already chosen: Scar Tissue . So one of the most known songs RHCP is called. Will publish the book the American publishing house Hyperion Books. Larri Slomen who, in particular, has helped known showman Howard Stern with work on books " will be engaged in literary processing of isolated thoughts of the musician; Private Parts and Miss America . Any fate - a star cannot so eloquently to describe the ` life on the brink ` as it was made by Anthony Kidis, - the president of publishing house Hyperion tells the Bean Miller. - and in this book it will appear completely opened before the reader. We are proud of that we will represent this book, and are assured that it we become the greatest best seller of 2004 .
it is valid, for Pepper for a long time the glory " was fixed; the most abnormal group musicians repeatedly became participants of loud scandals. From the moment of the basis in the end of 80 - h the group repeatedly changed structure, its participants long time experimented drugs (during such experiments the guitarist of group Hillel the Slovak, for example, was lost). So Andy is about what porasskazat.


Sean Connery sleeps easily
One of the best executors of a role of James Bond actor Sean Connery is exposed to constant attacks of the British journalists accusing it in insufficient patriotism. The matter is that 72 - summer Connery has preferred to the London smog a soft climate of the Bahamas where lives since 1997. To take away from itself charges, sir Sean even had to publish data of rather confidential character. In particular, in interview Herald the actor has opened the sum which it has paid in a type of tax in the British treasury. It has appeared that the native land costs much Connery: for last 6 years it has paid to Britain of 3,7 million pounds sterling.

it is sold!

the Hair to a hair
At auction in the Spanish city of Girona it was found out that fans willingly buy not only personal things of celebrities. In particular, here the lock of hair from George Harrisona`s head has appeared the most expensive prize. The complete set - a lock and the photo which has embodied the moment of a hairstyle, with the signature of Harrisona - has been bought by the unknown person bitlomanom for $1400. So unusual prize has been exposed by the hairdresser from Barcelona to which in 1964 has had the luck to cut guitarist The Beatles.


the Wild rose The Star of the Latin American soap operas Veronica Castro favourably has become related with the billionaire
married the son. Last week 27 - summer singer Christian Castro was combined by a legal marriage with 21 - summer Gabriela Bo Amaral, the daughter of the Paraguayan billionaire. Have got acquainted young on one of luxurious resorts. And have decided to celebrate a wedding in the homeland of the bride - in capital of Paraguay Asuncion. Wedding to which it has been invited about 300 visitors, has passed with the big scope. Details of the marriage agreement are not disclosed.

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Avant-guard - in weights
last week professional French edition Journal du Textile has published a rating of the most interesting brands and creative designers from the point of view of a consumer demand. Research is spent twice a year by poll bajerov the most known boutiques of the world. Results of last poll have appeared rather unexpected. The overwhelming majority of participants of the twenty vanguard designers: for example, in the first three - the terrible child of haute couture Jean - Pol Gaultier, the disturber of calmness John Galliano and intellectual avant-gardist Jodzi Yamamoto. On 5 - the m a place in the list appears mark Comme des Garsons which creator - Japanese designer Rej Kavakubo - name explosion in Hiroshima . The father of style of a techno - kutjur Japanese Vatanabe working for this mark, too has appeared in the list (11 - e a place). Worthy places in the list Belgian Martin Margiela, the apologist of style granzh have occupied pupil Gaultier Ann Demelmejster (8 - e a place), the bad boy Alexander Makkuin (10 - e a place), and also the author of conceptual collections Hussein Chalajan (14 - e a place). More traditional, but well sold marks Gucci, Chanel or Prada have appeared more close by the list end (15, 17 and 18 - e places accordingly).

the Singer is due to YOU

the Rising star from Canada young singer Avril Lavin has entered a fashion on a school uniform
, that without suspecting, has loaded with money school in small town Uilksboro (State of North Carolina), having appeared in one of the clips dressed in firm green tolstovku schools. The party of these tolstovok has been ordered by school about four years ago after its pupils have received high marks in annual promotion examinations, and since then nobody carried them. It is possible to imagine surprise of workers of school when the avalanche of phone calls and electronic messages has fallen upon them with orders for these tolstovki. We already have received more than 500 orders, - director Mike Densi speaks. - people from Thailand Call, to Sweden, the USA, asking, where it is possible to buy these tolstovki . It is known that Avril has bought in one of nju - jorkskih sekond - hands. Now they are on sale at school on $10 and on online - auction eBay on $20. All obtained means will be used by school for purchase of new computers.


Christina Agilera became person Versace
22 - the summer American singer Christina Agilera which name can be seen not only in musical charts, but also in ratings of the most badly dressed celebrities, became the person of Italian Fashion house Versace. And, according to the designer of the House of Donatella Versace, the theme of last collection to it was prompted by style of the singer. On a defile closing Milan week of a fashion, have been much presented mini - skirts, tops and corsets and - lja Christina Agilera.
Heading conducts Anna RABIN

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