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last week has come to the end 73 - j the Geneva motor show, the first in this season and the most representative in Europe the motor - show. A curious detail - this time among world premieres there was no off-road car. Autoconcerns showed that practical Europeans more often buy, - family cars and midget cars. However, has not managed and without cabriolets. To admirers of a high automobile fashion too was on what to look: to Geneva have brought at once six novelties of a class lux - one is more expensive another.

Accessible means
Six halls of expocentre Palexpo in which cars have taken place, visually illustrated concentration process in world car industry. The largest manufacturers - DaimlerChrysler, Volkswagen, General Motors, Ford, BMW - have tried to present the marks, having separated them from expositions of competitors. Expensive sport cars were an exception - them have placed independently, having shipped in noble twilight of a hall #1. To journalists such structure of an exhibition is certainly convenient - she allows, without departing from folksvagenovskogo furshetnogo a table, porassuzhdat, say, about advantages of Audi before VW. However, at such placing cheaper marks have appeared nezasluzhenno are deprived by attention of visitors. For example, interesting kontsept Chrysler was absolutely lost against magnificent ruler Mercedes, and Skoda stand in comparison with a platform the big brother VW looked almost empty.
even long before salon opening in Geneva autoconcerns have tried to warm up interest to novelties on which they will stake in this season. Most likely, the leader of sales in 2003 again becomes mini - ven, the family car of the average sizes. For last five years realisation of cars of this class in Europe has increased almost four times, and demand continues to grow.
In Geneva four world prime ministers mini - venov - Renault Scenic II, Ford Focus C - MAX, Volkswagen Touran and Mercedes-Benz Vaneo 1,9 Line Imagination have taken place. Following domesticity canons, manufacturers have emphasised comfort of back passengers. For them additional options of audiosystems and a climate - control, every possible useful capacities, little tables and supports are provided. All novelties, except Touran, are executed on the basis of well proved models. Concern VW too has tried to act adequately in this sector - salon and engines as capacity from 100 to 136 l. With.
seven-seater Touran will mass-produce with several variants Ford Company has decided to alter in the family car model Focus well familiar to Russians (it collect at factory in Vsevolozhsk). Focus have improved dynamic characteristics, have added functionality to salon, have updated appearance (in comparison with predecessor C - MAX has more roundish forms). Model will equip with two turbodiesels, and by the end of the year there will be a variant with petrol motor Duratec HE.
Judging by prime ministers of Geneva, quite good demand in this season is expected and on midget cars. Three smallest representatives of a class In has brought Fiat concern. If premiere Lancia Ypsilon has been declared in advance round other models Italians have tried to twirl an intrigue. Before opening of a motor show of Fiat declared that will bring on the motor - show two compact mini - vena without the name - replacement to models Punto and Panda. However, at the concern stand both babes any more were not anonymous. One - Idea - has inherited from the predecessor smooth contours, another - Gingo - square a back part. Both cars are intended for fans of slow driving - Idea will be equipped 1,2 - the litre petrol engine or 1,9 - a litre diesel engine with a turbo-supercharging, and Gingo - only petrol engines in volume of 1,1 and 1,2 l.
more serious Midget car - Ford Fusion Plus. Developers specify that the basic difference of this model from Ford Fusion - visual solidity which to it is given by new external furnish.
to the most nonconventional representative of a small class of BMW Mini ONE Diesel was not to force the way. It is the world premiere of a diesel variant of the small and cheap (cost in Russia - from 22 thousand euro) the car of a ruler of BMW. About intention to buy from Toyota Motor Corp. Diesel engines for Mini the Bavarian concern declared almost one year ago. However, that new updating differs from already known only the diesel engine, wishing to sit in it did not become less. The base complete set for this class looks rather immodestly: system ABS, 4 airbag, electric drives of glasses and mirrors, heating of seats, the onboard computer.
in spite of the fact that the cabriolet is considered an independent class, even it is not enough - malski similar cars without a roof on salon it was difficult to find. Fans of driving with a breeze were offered hardly probable not by ten the models different at the price, appearance and technical characteristics. Among world premieres it is possible to allocate two extreme measures - Citroen C3 Pluriel and Mercedes-Benz Cabrio CLK. The first - the small brisk car easily turning in hetchbek, a roadster and even a certain similarity mini - a pickup; the engine - 75 or 110 l. With., the price - about 15 thousand euro. Another matter - a cabriolet on the basis of Mercedes CLK with the rich leather salon, four high-grade armchairs and five petrol motors on a choice (from 163 to 367 l. With.) .
the Intermediate variant - Peugeot 307 Cabriolet. Having lost a roof, popular in Russia 307 - I the model became also on 14 sm more long. The car is equipped with the two-litre engine capacity of 138 or 180 l. With. Strangely enough, manufacturers have decided to begin sales of a cabriolet with Great Britain. The price - from 18,5 thousand euro. For rich ekstremalov predatory Opel Speedster Turbo will approach. It is the updated roadster with two-litre turbokompressornym engine ECOTEC capacity of 200 l. With., dispersal to 100 km/ ch for 4,9 seconds and the maximum speed of 243 km/ ch.
Speaking about novelties, it is necessary to mention the world premiere of car Alfa Romeo Coupe GT created on the basis of 156 - j models. Extended firm a beak blinked forward headlights, sharp, accurate lines of a body is an impressing creation of designers it is equipped with several variants of engines, including petrol (1,8 or 3,2) and a turbodiesel (1,9 l. With.) . It is a pity that this car, most likely, does not become an ornament of the Russian roads: traditionally sales of cars of mark Alfa Romeo in sew to the country do not exceed several pieces in a year. But updated Audis A3 and the most powerful treshka BMWs - M3 CLS - for certain soon will appear in Russia.

the higher natsenochnaja a category
In general - that on the Geneva motor show it was necessary to visit only for the sake of one showroom with representation and the sports cars which price begins with 300 thousand euro. Exhibitors protected the creations as fragile crystal, and only in rare instances allowed journalists to sit in Porsche 911 GT3 or Bugatti Veyron 16,4. Mostly it is the serial cars ready at any moment to curtail from city street on a racing line. Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale equipped 40 - klapannym the eight-cylinder motor in volume of 3,6 l and capacity of 400 l is that, for example. With. Prominent feature - a minimum of the additional equipment.
the idea of universality is to the full realised in car Rinspeed. The superpenalties, constructed on a platform of Porsche 996 Turbo, can turn from the racing versatile person to a pickup and back for 10 seconds. Its relative of Porsche 911 GT3 always remains by itself, but possesses 10 - the cylinder engine (5,7) capacity of 612 l. With. Also about 100 km/ ch for 3,9 seconds are dispersed.
but the loudest world prime ministers in a class lux on the account of Lamborghini, rolled out all-wheel drive sport car Gallardo with 10 - the cylinder engine in volume of 5 l, and Bentley, presented Continental GT. It is the first model in the history of legendary British mark of conveyor assemblage it is similar to the predecessors only the highest level of comfort and power - 12 - the cylinder six-litre engine develops 560 l. With. In design of it the superpenalty does not remain anything from all known conservative rublenyh forms. It is necessary to tell, Bentley - while unique superexpensive mark which in Russia has an official dealer. Price Continental GT (from 209 thousand euro) has appeared is accessible to 25 Russian motorists - the annual limit established by the manufacturer, has been chosen for a month.