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Journalists Reuters have interviewed the loony

last week in Beijing the townsman Ichun (a northeast Chinese province Heilongjiang) by name of Fan Tsinhuej has grasped Reuters agency office. Threatening to blow up a bomb (appeared as subsequently it was found out, a model), he has rushed into office of agency and has demanded to write down interview to it. In a television camera he has declared that wants to make answerable psychiatric hospital and court of the city of Ichun, and also has accused local authorities of corruption and an inattention to needs of the population. In some hours the terrorist has been arrested, then local authorities have declared that office Reuters terrorised the insane person.

the Taganrog cooks have found a justice on Americans
Owners of one of cafe of Taganrog have solved unusual way to draw attention to a problem of Iraq. On an input in cafe Olenek the administration has hung out the announcement of the following maintenance: In connection with an aggressive policy of the USA and Great Britain and undertaken attempts to break the charter of the United Nations citizens of the USA and Great Britain are not served . This action has caused unexpectedly big public resonance. As the managing director of cafe has told, about the announcement all local broadcasting companies have shown a plot, and the cafe has instantly become famous. There were even charges in chauvinism, then the list of citizens which do not serve in Olenek it was reduced - into the black list have entered George Bush, Condoleeza Rice, Kolin Powell and Tony Blair.

a disposable syringe - a hindrance to manufacture
last week the professor of the Novgorod state university Boris Dikalov has received the message that its syringe of disposable application is registered in the State register of inventions of Russia. This syringe differs from usual disposable true momentariness of application: To type the second time a medicine in it it is impossible, after an injection the piston firmly jams in the cylinder. However on all 16 factories of Russia where let out disposable syringes, have not supported the inventor and have refused novelty manufacture, having considered that the tempted buyer will prefer a former syringe which can use time and again.

to the Saratov militiamen have presented tasty gangsters
Original gifts have received 8 Martha of the employee of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Saratov region. The best cooks of Saratov have made for them by request some pies on which sketches from militian life are represented. On one pie the cream militiaman fully armed ambushes, on other - struggles with the criminal and, obviously, wins a victory. By a recognition of some militiamen, persons on pies are obviously recognised. Which - who even has identified in figures of searched criminals.

In Latvia will enter the duty on a x-copying
the Authorities of Latvia intend to enter the duty on copying of texts on kopire. the Collected means will go to publishers and authors that their works are copied - has informed Maya Vejda, the expert in copyrights of the ministry of culture of the country. This department, by the way, also has prepared the corresponding bill. On a plan of authors of the legislative initiative the duty it is necessary to pay only at copying of author`s texts (for example, books or journal publications), and briefs can be made multiple copies free of charge. But as to reveal, what exactly is copied within a year, it is impossible, the payment is offered to be raised according to special average tariffs on the basis of indications established on kopirah counters. The duty sum, according to Maji Vejdy, should make 0,17 cents for sheet. The idea of the ministry of culture has caused a storm of indignation among businessmen.